PK80 Wildcat Ported from California Motorbikes is Garbage

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Considering what we start with for an engine...quality..ect., I think stuffing is way over rated in our application. The actual stuffing gains would have to be determined on a dyno to be realized.
There's many other things on the entire bicycle/engine that can be refined to help speed.

Here's a read-only's too old to post on...but covers some case pressure ratio and stuffing...

100% agree with everything said here. There are a lot of things people do with these engines because it works on other engines. *cough* boost bottles *cough*
My piston was cracked I have went through 2 pistons and 4 sets of piston rings and dude won't help my situation out at all I can't even get him to return emails most of this time I have had my ported Wildcat since end of October still won't start and all he's done is sent me 1 replacement piston. The intakes were absolute trash dont know how that passed his hand inspection before sending out orders. I still waiting for a reply for an email from 1.5 weeks ago. I sent him an email telling him ive gone through 2 pistons and the rings and still can get it to start and all he said was what's ur fuel/oil mixture.
Text him.