bike berry vs. gasbike

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by senorpyz, May 16, 2009.

  1. senorpyz

    senorpyz New Member or the kits seem to be very similar, i just cant decide who to buy from, any suggestions?

  2. Skyliner70cc

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    go with least you know dax will honor their warranty. I've heard a couple reports that bikeberry won't and I won't buy from a vendor who calls a throttle assembly an "accelerograph handle" <
  3. senorpyz

    senorpyz New Member

    thanks for the advice, i didnt notice the throttle thing O.O thanks for pointing that out, i am guessing you have ordered from thatsdax?
  4. lordoflightaz

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    NOT or their twin kingsmotorbikes.
  5. bluegoatwoods

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    The one thing about "accelerograph" that worried me was the liklihood that this was an outfit that is basically Chinese (nothing wrong with that in itself) that doesn't have any stock on our side of the ocean. Order something and wait 8 weeks for it.

    I"ve bought stuff from Dax and I have not been sorry.
  6. New Member

    Hi Skyliner70cc,

    Jack from here. Not quite sure where you had heard of these reports that we do not honor the warranty. We most certainly do honor all warranties, this includes our free 6 month warranty with all kits as well as our extended 1 year and 2 year warranties.

    Of course, there are limitations to this warranty; which may include seizures due to improper oil/fuel mixture, misuse or damages caused by accidents.

    Please feel free to PM me directly if you have any concerns of the warranty not being honored and I will look into the matter personally.
  7. wanderer33

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    Hi old mate.
    I have my outfit from bikeberry and got some part from gasbike, from my experience, sick bike parts are your best bet as they are cheaper and bikeberry will dump you ones they sell you the product, sick bike parts have better sett up, go on line and check it out, there is more to it, let me know if you're interested.

  8. madman

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    The first engine I purchased was from bikeberry, when it was about 3 gallons of gas old it seized up, I thought they'd be like most companies and try to get out of the warranty but that wasn't the case. Within 2 weeks of mailing my engine I received a new one. Several times I had questions for them and they always responded to my emails.
  9. Junster

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    I purchased my motor from Zoombicycle, most of my extra's from SBP. Both were helpfull, quick to ship, and sent just what I thought I'd be getting. I've made 2 orders from Sick Bike Parts now and I can tell you they do everything right.
  10. i ordered my kit from gasbike and got it in 4-5 days and it runs perfect.
    they dont come from china to you,it comes from calfornia to you.

    the lowest price kit you can get right now is from zoombicycles for $119 with free shipping
  11. Mario

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    Gasbikes has a good set of kits but if you buy expect some misshaps. I have gotten kits with poor bolt quality, missing bolts and other peculiarities such as short chains and missing tap holes. However I still won't fault for it. Customer service is kinda poor and I assume they get a bad wrap now and then from picky customers. If you want a miracle kit there is no such thing. Gasbike delivers very fast so I've stuck wit has them and bikeberry. Here is my latest gasbike setup on 80 cc predator.