Update on cdi failure


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3:34 PM
Jan 8, 2024
Welp…. Got a new cdi and the engine ran great until it didn’t. I decided I was done playing around with something that clearly wasn’t going to work and bought a cheapy Amazon 49cc and it’s beautiful. I tore into the old one and the inside looked fine nothing noticeably wrong. I guess that engine was just laughing at me in the face so it got what it deserved. Moving on the Amazon one came and the ports on the inside are very well matched and rounded. The quality of hardware was 😘 muhh and everything looked so nice better than the last one that I got from bike berry. I’m done trying to fix things. If something is going to not work it’s just getting tossed in the scrap pile… ofc after at least 3 repair attempts because I don’t give up easy.

pretty bummed but I blame bike berry for my faulty engine