Bike work stand idea.



A work stand makes bicycle work, and especially derailleur adjustment ever so much easier. They are a bit pricey though.

I've been hanging my bikes on the carry rack on my truck to work on them. Any carrier rack that supports the bikes by the top tube leaves most of the mechanicals accessable, and if you use the outer station, the pedals will still turn.

Not as good as a real work stand, as you may have to turn the bike around to work on the other side, and you can't tilt it or adjust the height....AND ladies frames could be a problem. Still, it's free if you already have a carrier.
Good idea, Thanks. I held mine up by putting hooks in the ceiling and then hoisting it up and letting it hang, I needed to remove the wheel for work. With the engine in these things they get gang-lea. Have fun, Dave
I put my bike on the centre-stand for any prolonged work but i'm also looking through peoples hard rubbish hoping one day i'll find an exercise bike that i can cannibalise to is where u find it.
Thanks for bringing up the subject. I was hunting this morning for info on how to build a workstand or any work-arounds. :)
I just attahced 2 bungees to the back and 2 on the handle bars for balance on the front, an attached them to the ceiling and it worked great , i could move the bike with ease, and made adjustments to the back tire as needed, I was changing a flat tire lol. IMO no need to waste time making a stand when its right there in front of you, Hope this helps

I only have one bike but it's hard on the back. I just took the engine off the bike this evening as well as the back tire. I bought a Specialized Armadillo tire and Slime Tube which I will take to a shop tomorrow to have put on, then I'll put the tire, etc. back on. (The guy at the bike shop isn't charging me since I bought the stuff from him.)

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I use a tee stand that I made. The tee part gets two bolts through the work bench and the 2" pole has a flat bar 2"x1.5" with a 5/16 ths 18 threadded hole. All I have to do is, take the kick stand bolt out and bolt the bikr onto the tee stand.
I dropped my brand new build off the bench and broke 3 cooling fins as well as a fender before doing this. It was worth the time to build.
I turn mine upside down and lock my clutch lever. :D

You know what's been cool lately is that the gas from my float bowl doesn't drip out when I flip my bike as long as the petcock is closed.

But before I sealed my tank,I hanged my bike from my bike rack in back of my SUV. It did it to it.
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I made mine out of pipe clamps. They make kits for building woodworking clamps from 3/4 inch iron pipe, threaded on one end. I have a bunch of clamps, so I was able to convert one without leaving the house. Actually, it took 1 1/2 clamps, some lumber, steel, nuts and bolts and screws, and a few hours of drilling & sawing.
Years ago when I bought the clamps, a 48 inch length of pipe was five dollars and the kits were under ten bucks. I guess today all the parts could be had for about 25 dollars. A sturdy, store-bought bike work stand costs at least 100 bucks.

The upright is a 48 inch length of pipe. I made the base (feet) from 2x4 lumber, but could be made more easily with more pipe and the proper couplers. The feature I like is that it automatically "locks" at whatever height you lift the bike to. That's because the part that slides up and down the vertical support is made from a clamp "tail". The jaws can grab the bike by the top tube, down tube, seat tube or seat post. I lined the jaws with inner-tube rubber, then covered that over with leather from a chamois (nice and soft). It can rotate around and lock at any position with a 50-pound bike. It's very sturdy. There are a couple of things I would do differently, though.

Here's some old pics where you can kinda see it. It's currently being used, slightly disassembled, to hold a frame I'm painting. So I won't have better pics for a while.
Maybe it can help give someone some ideas.


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