Engine Trouble bogging while rideing

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    hello all once again with another minor problem

    it seems that after i put on my bolt on such as speed carb n exhaust 32 toof cog(ect)...

    i have to choke the carb till it sputters warm and then i kind of lean off the choke (still half way)and it runs but u top out so i open it lil by lil

    but i cant open the choke up fully or it will bog out when u hit the wot even when u climb up the rpm then wot same effect it just floods it or something

    also no way u can warm up the motor and start without the choke forget about it...its like its to low rpm or something

    any suggestions...and no no leaks runs fine on old carb setup.... has lil leak on exhaust gasket (homemade)

    also another note would be how i just normally ride it just choke the carb a lil and it rides nice but tops out but till have alot of rpm climb or open and slightly pull on the throttle

    but it will bog out before running smooth if over pulled...also carb set to 2nd notch at the top so lean the plug looks golden kindof on the oily side imma lean it fully and see if it

    whitens up a lil
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