Bonneville Salt Flats

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  1. HalCannon

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    I love riding my Golden Eagle at the Salt Flats. It is particularly fun during the time trials.

    Bonneville Salt Flats is truly an amazing place. It is like being on the moon. Early morning is the best. There are three races each year. The big one, and my least favorite because its generally so hot is in August, the second is in September and is called the World of Speed. It is run by the Utah Racing Association and opens with a prayer ( Check out our NPR radio piece on that at:

    It is my favorite. Then in October is the World Finals which is run by the California Timing Association. All are wonderful if the salt is good and is not flooded (something that happens fairly often) The best is just taking a bike out to tool around. The time trials are secondary to motor heads going up and down the rows of vehicles checking things out, talking to garage geniuses. It has been a wet cool spring this year so I'm not sure how the salt will be this fall.

    There should be more small cc engines out there this year. I met the Golden Eagle folks there 2 1/2 years ago and was sold on their product then. The bar stool racing with big truck starter motors has been the major novelty in recent years but perhaps that is waning.

    Anyhow, hope to meet some of you folks on the flats this fall

    Hal Cannon,

  2. alex

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    what is the current record for a ht motorbike?
  3. azbill

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    I believe that augidog will be running there with Denis from gebe
    good luck to all and keep the rubber side down :)
  4. augidog

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    hiya, Hal. USFRA's World of Speed was everything you said it would be, how can i NOT go back next year?

    man, it was great having you and rollie show up...& what a treat the groovy pics are, thank you...

    i love your Tanaka 32 'bent and i appreciate the test-ride, a marvelous install...keep us posted on how she's runnin'.

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  5. Are there bigger pics of this event? Why no streamliners?
  6. augidog

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    note that the usfra site has some good pics of previous year's runs, i assume that this year's stuff will trickle in over time...there were some awesomely fantastic machines out there, real noisy and fast!!! surely we'll see some pics of them eventually :cool:
  7. Slay

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    can u buy a recombent frame like that?
  8. wavygravy

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    im gonna do my best to go next year!!
  9. JE

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    I'll be going with Bill Green next year.
  10. butch27

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    I was there for the Aug. 60 year meet. NICE weather.
  11. augidog

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  12. Considering that the human-powered vehicle speed record is now 82.33 mph, I think we still have a way to go...
  13. augidog

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    yup, but i'll happily settle for my numbers, which can be replicated day after day by regular joes...after all, i was riding a motorized bicycle, which is it's own animal :cool:
  14. JE

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    I'm allready looking forward to going next year with Bill Green to Break the whizzer Record.
  15. wavygravy

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    what is the whizzer record? you guys gonna do a frame build for the racer?
  16. JE

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    64 mph is the record. Bill just got the modified stock frame back from the Powder coater. Should hit 80mph + with his motor set up.
  17. stude13

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    i hope we can circle the wagons and have great camp fires and bench racing sessions. there is a cafe/gas station within a mile and it has showers. there were porta pots distributed all over and they were serviced daily. food and drink were available in the pits. an ice cream truck roamed the whole area. water is not supplied. wendover is seven mis. from free camping area. camping area has enough room for tuning runs except for softrides jet. be there or be square. mitch
  18. Zev0

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    DANG, you're out on the SALT flats and water is not supplied? That sucks
  19. softride

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    pulse jet percenter %

    wow now i see how uncle punk feels no tuning area for my jet bike whats up with that :shock::shock::shock::shock::shock::shock:
    I suppose if i cant get it running you will all say it was hot air huh :smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile::smile:j/k
  20. JE

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    LOL....Softride we can always fire the jet up and roast the mashmellows