Bought a new frame.

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    Had to buy a new frame, I put a 49cc engine a repCo racer from big w. when I bought the bike I realised the end of the bikes poles werent straight and didn't think the chain roller would be straight for the chain to go over, but it ended up being sort of okay but the chain was rubbing againest the frame, didn't think it would be much of problem, when I was changing the back tube today realised the chain had eaten half way threw the bar the chain roller goes on. Didnt wanna keep risking to ride incase it got worse as ive had a reacent broken skull just want it to be safe. Bought a sOuthern star CITI. Hope this one goes all well. Will upload a few pics of the build once I start it this week end.

    If anyone has put a motor on this frame before let me no if there was any problems that you had with the southern star CITI.