Boy Go Fast Defective Parts And Bad Service

Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by Flattracker, Jul 2, 2010.

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    I bought a heavy duty pull starter on ebay from boy-go-fast for $32.50 and installed it. After 3 pulls it BROKE!

    I followed the instructions exactly, and removed the magneto coil washers, and added a washer to the magneto just as instructed.

    The center post inside that holds the spring mechanism broke OFF leaving a dime sized hole in the outer case. See the photos. I contacted him twice about the defective part. The reason I contacted him twice is because he didn't think it important enough to stand by his products.

    I just left ebay looking for a kickstand and he has the type I want. So in spite of his crappy attitude, parts and service I would have bought the kickstand.

    When I tried to buy it I was informed by ebay that he had BLOCKED any transaction from me! I had spent over $100 with this guy and he treated me like a dirty, mangy, dog.

    This guy is a ripoff artist and only cares about getting your money. So if you like to be abused, ripped off, and humiliated buy from Boy-GO-Fast.

    Apparently this thief is making his money off first time customers, because the way he treats his customers no one will return to buy from him.

    I am so angry that I'm going to put the raggedy pull starter on ebay for sale and put the finger on him as the one that sell ****. Oh yeah, I'm going to tell it!

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  2. MotoMagz

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    Flattracker,We all know its junk...but we need this junk.Thats why Rick Shi (BGF)is still in buisness.Thought you might need the name for your Ebay listing! It sux to wait for a part and pay $32.50 then it breaks.I know I've been there.
  3. Flattracker

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    ...but we need this junk

    Yeah, I know. There aren't many vendors selling bike engine parts, but still that doesn't mean that we should continue to support the thief.

    It only encourages him to continue to steal folks money. I was even going to give the thief another chance, and buy something else from him.

    I never filed a case on him with ebay or anything and gave him good feedback for items bought in the past. Yet he STILL BLOCKED ME just because I asked him to replace a defective part.:poop: CLEARLY the photos show a casting defect in the casing.

    For one thing its only about 1.5mm thick. Im retired, and live on a fixed income and I dont have $32.50 to throw away! Thats a lot of money to me. I just as well could have BURNED 32.50. Thats what it amounts to.

    If that isn't a clear indication of his greedy, abusive, and thieving intentions I dont know what is. I'll take a 20lb. sledge hammer to my bike before I'll KNOWINGLY buy from anybody like this guy.

    We need a special section here to expose crooks, that wont stand by what they sell. How about it moderators? Can you have something like that?

    There are enough members on this forum to make a difference in his sales if we all stop buying his junk and being abused by the guy.

    I read of other folks here that he ripped off 'AFTER' he got me. If there was a section for this I would have known before hand not to deal with this thief.

    I'll tell you what, if I was in California, he wouldn't get away with it.

    Eventually, he'll rip off somebody in his vicinity that will be able to visit him....:devilish:
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  4. AussieSteve

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    Flattracker, make sure that you post in 'Vendor Reviews', for others' benefit. (That's the 'special section'.)

    BGF have a pretty shoddy reputation already.
    (Last time I said that, I was accused of slander.)

    Unbelievable that he'd block transactions with you, too.
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  5. scooterpimp

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    I recently bought the wide crank set from this person. charges like $15.00 for shipping & parts arrived in a flat rate envelope. ($5.00) with bearing balls falling out of holes in packaging. Glad i only needed the crank arms. My 2 cents worth...
  6. chainmaker

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    Time and time again I have read complaint after complaint about 2 dealers on E-Bay on both forums, I wont mention names but this guy is one and the other rhymes with plucky dirty turd, these guys sell volume they don't have to offer customer service or decent guarantees. There is always someone right around the corner looking for a bargain who will buy one. Buyer beware.. You get what You pay for. Is saving $10 worth the risk, that the box that's supposed to have Your engine kit in it is really a lottery ticket to a piece of **** with no customer service, support, or real warranty. Buy from one of the sponsors of either forum, buy from guys that ride and build these cycles.Most of These guys sell these things because this hobby is important to them, not because they have a cousin in a far away place who could negotiate a sweet deal on a few pallets of Friday afternoon rush jobs.
    Just My $.02
  7. lepooner38

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    If you bought using PAYPAL, file a claim stating that the material was broken (or not as advertised as it was advertised as being functional). The multiple PAYPAL issue filings against this fella might change his attitude.
  8. AussieSteve

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    Yeah, we all know that often the Chinese parts are defective, so surely all of the vendors know this too.
    The good ones and the only ones worth dealing with are the ones that recognise the problem and provide support by replacing the faulty items.
  9. motorpsycho

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    here's my point of view on this.
    #1, he (BGF) does not manufacture this stuff and it isn't his fault that it broke after 3 pulls.
    #2. as a vendor, he could still stand behind what he sells and replace the broken pull starter for free, plus the shipping cost (that's what i would do if i were a vendor).
    too many vendors / sellers out there are too money hungry, and when they fail to stand behind what they sell (even tho they are not the manufacturer) they lose business and wonder why.
    #3. I bought 2 engine kits (one pull start, one non pull start), sprockets, and a few misc. parts from BGF, and i have not experienced any problems at all. very quick shipping, and fast communication when i had questions about the products. I have no idea why he would block you as a buyer, unless you p***** him off in one of your e-mails to him.
    The pull starter broke on the one engine i bought after about a month of use. the little tab inside the cover that holds the coiled up spring inside broke, so the spring unwound itself. I just took the pull start mechanism out of the cover and put the cover back on.
    To me, it was not worth buying another pull starter since push starting the bike is just as easy.
  10. chainmaker

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    Its pretty much easy as this...We all know that these motors lack in the quality control....Which makes them only as good or reliable as the Vendors Customer service.
  11. Samdallas214

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    :confused::snobby:it is now 2012 almost 2013 and boygofast is still selling junk . After receiving a defective motor kit from them and emailing them 6 times with out a responce all I was asking for was some help I file and won a case with eBay againest boygofast. Buyers beware he sells junk, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS SELLER :bowdown::icon_cry:
  12. motorpsycho

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    boy go fast is a drop shipper. he is not responsible for what the factory sends him. he dies not inspect every engine and kit that he gets/sells. he sends them out in the same sealed box that he receives them in.
    no matter who you buy one of these kits from, you take a gamble on getting a good one or a bad one.
    HOWEVER, boy go fast could have at least worked with you a little to try and resolve this. but how does he know that you didn't cause the damage to the engine? In his eyes, he got a brand new engine from the factory & sent it to you, so it should have been in fine working condition. when you buy the same engine at double the price that bgf sells them for, your paying the extra money fir customer service, not a better engine. all vendors sell the same junk engines, but not all vendors offer good customer service.
    I personally gave bought 4 engine kits from bgf and have not had one problem with any of them. these engines are going on 4 years old & are still running strong.
    I'm not defending bgf as a seller in thus case, I'm just saying that no matter who you buy one of these engine kits from, they're all the same junk (with 90% of the vendors who sell them). There are a few exceptions where the engines are better and where a vendor inspects them & replaces some parts with better quality ones. but then again, you'll pay a lot more money for one of these.
    in the case of bgf , you get what you pay for, and you take a risk at getting a goid one or a bad one, no matter who you buy it from.
  13. Samdallas214

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    This was my experience with boygofast.
    I ordered my kit and boy was it shipped fast , I though I would be happy BUT it all went down hill from there.
    The motor was trash could not get it to start boygofast said to try this and that took a week of trying to get it to start, his next suggestion was for me to buy a pull start from him for $22.00 to see if that would make it easier to start like a dumb a$$ I did,
    It took another week to get ; Once I got the pull start I installed it and noted my peddle would not clear, stopping me from going out and testing the motor .
    What happened if I got out and the motor stopped how would I get it home, I emailed him he the said I needed a wider crank at a cost of $50.00 witch like a dumb a$$ I ordered from him taking another week so we are now in week 4 once I got the sprocket i installed the motor would not start, I emailed boygofast 6 different times over the next week with out receiving a response. I then opened a case with eBay , boygofast then tried to say your 14 day's were up you are stuck with it . I emailed him back and said I would understand that if it was not for th fact I ordered another $72.00 in parts to try and fix it , and it took longer then 14 days just to get he parts from them and if they would have told me I would of needed the wider crank at the same time that I ordered the pull start it would not of taken so long, he then emailed me back and said if you will cancel the case I will help you, when I asked him why did I have to cancel the case for you to help me, I got no response from them so I escalated the case eBay agreed with me and refunded 100% of my money.
    O by the way the crank was not wider it was shorter stay away from boygofast he sells trash and has little to know customer service.
    I got my $232.00 back it did cost me $22.00. to ship it back to him. But that's better then $232.00
    Any mor questions?
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  14. greenreepr

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    Horrible Comunication

    I have just recently tried using Boygofast and purchased a Voodoo expansion pipe muffler Total $61.00US. I assumed everything was going normal because I got a msg stating that the item had been shipped the following day. So I got my tracking number and tried to track the package, only to find out that the tracking info wasn't up to date- so no problem I would wait a day for the item to arrive USPS and I could begin tracking it. After two days had passed I went to track the package again assuming that would be enough time for the post office to both receive the package and update the info on the web site for tracking! Again I was given a msg stating that they received the electronic info but had yet to receive the actually package. I then msged Boygofast only to get "the tracking info is delayed check again tomorrow". Ok so I waited another day and tried checking again... still no package received. I then promptly msged Boygofast and politely told them the situation.... no response at all. The following day checked my msgs and still no response.... I then called them on the phone early in the morning several times only to be able to leave a msg, so I left a polite msg stating the problem and asked to get a call back to work things out. I never got a msg online or a phone call when I decided to inquire to ebay customer service what I should do, they told me to contact paypal to file a claim. Only after I msged paypal and started a claim against Boygofast did I receive a msg in my email 5 minutes after he received the email about paypals inverstigation. Quote in bold large font "Yes, I will check with USPS to see what going and get back to you". These guys are ****ing *****s and the person was right that all they are concerned about is getting paid and anything beyonf that is "whatever" or a pain. I guess we will see what happens if I get the product and will it be in "new" form like the ebay ad describes?
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  15. Samdallas214

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    I tried to work with BGF

    First (sic) boy go fast is a drop shipper. he is not responsible for what the factory sends him.
    If he's not then then who is the customer?

    (sic) but how does he know that you didn't cause the damage to the engine?
    By responding to emails and asking questions, and not by ignoring his customers and refusing to his customers email's is how.

    I tried and tried to work with BGF but when he refuses to even answer my email's, even after I filed a claim against him, how can you work with a vendor that refuse to even answer my email's

    O and ebay agreed with me because I got 100% of my money back, which I used to go to another vendor and although it did cost me $20,00 more it came with a 6 month warranty, (3 months later the carburetor went out & they replaced it)
    It very easy to offer the cheapest price when you just screw over your customers when they get a bad kit, just as I told the last person buy from him long enough he will screw you over too, when it happens remember I told you so

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  16. Bonefish

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    You need to relax and get some patience. I'm glad you are not one of my customers.
  17. AlexNave

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    simple as that

    lol :grin5:

    I get it though, if i need cheap parts ebay all day.
    you get what you pay parts.
  18. Bonefish

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    Boy Go Fast has a smart business. He sells junk, but when you buy a kit from him and the engine is defective, he wants you to pack up everything and ship it back. Not just the engine. This is already after you have installed it on the bike, because that is how you know the engine doesn't work. This is a P.I.A. and I chose not to do it. I rather just send back the engine and get a new engine without having to take all the other parts off my bike.