Carby Brass Plated Carburetor?????

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    Has anyone ever brass plated a carburetor???? Is it possible?? I mean I know it can be done....christ knows if you can bronze baby shoes, you can bre metaate metal, but my concern is everything working with the plating in place. I'm sure there would have to be some mods. Just curious. Thanks

  2. motorpsycho

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    I think if you can just plate the outside it would be fine.
    If the plating gets on the inside, it will reduce the size of any orifices, and threaded holes. Things may not flow as well or screw back into the threads if there's brass plating in them.
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    Aluminum doesn't take plating well, and often flakes a plated surface off as it ages.

    There was a fad in the '90s for chrome plated aluminum BMX parts, but most such parts look terrible now from chipping, peeling, and blistering.

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    ^^^^ alloy is one of those materials that doesnt take any surface coating full stop. anodising just being a surface treatment as such...

    i always used to wonder how they chrome plated plastic hubcaps... then someone showed me copperpaint :)

    yes, the cylinder barrel in your motor is alloy and chrome plated. it requires nice acids like hydroflouric (not available at the hardware)to clean it, complete cleanliness to be effective, and is initially copper plated, all without letting oxygen get in there at any point... ;)

    could anodise you up a carb ;)

    um. what else? has anyone chucked a carb on the fire to verify that it is alloy? not just zinc which burns nicely? :)

    oh! brass is an alloy itself and is FIENDISHLY difficult to actually plate with.... copper and zinc, with individual electrical characteristics, in solution. tricky.
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    Thanks for all of the great information!