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    There are many opinions on how long the break in period should be including doubling the oil...

    What is the proper break in period? How many tanks?
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    32:1 oil mix, find the longest steep grade around and go wide open up it a couple of times. if the rings aren't seated after 5 minutes of that then you've got one hell of a lemon. only lawyers suggest a soft break in, engineers will tell you to run it like hell. do you think any sane person might sell something like a hayabusa to someone and then tell them to take their brand new unfamiliar widowmaker and take it WFO anywhere? conveniently, one major requirement of being an engineer is losing your mind, so we can wholeheartedly recommend things that would make lawyers cry.
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  4. Hey i recently started looking into motorized bike kits and finally settled on one, but it says i have to go 500 kilometers(310 miles) easy to break it in. Is there any quicker way to break it in? here is the motor kit: