Break In Break-In Tips



MotorbikeMike said:
After these engines are "prepped" there is NO need for all this over-oiling, babying, and carrying on about the preciuos "break-in time".

1)open the clutch cover and lightly grease, with non-migratory grease, the two crude helical cut gears.
2) Open the clutch arm cover, remove clutch arm, pin and 8mm BB and grease them also.
3) O-ring the carb, and chech the bottom of manifold to see that the gasket is intact (they are a continuing problem)
4) Mix fuel 32 to 1 Organic 4 oz 2-stroke oil to one US gallon of regular cheap gas
5) check everything
6)start engine and ride briefly ie around the block one time
7) check everything, all nuts bolts chain tensions etc
8) ride it like you just stole it!!! There is NOTHING inside here to break-in, no cams, lifters, babbit bearings, pushrods, rockers valves valveseats NOTHING!
Now..... Never lug a new engine, never get it too hot, and do not run wide open at no load. all these things are important.

I hope my lil outline will help people enjoy thier engines. The over-oiling causes hard starting, lack of power, pollution, and aggravates neighbors at least a little

Gentlemen, start your engines

i realize opinions differ, but i've finally come to almost the exact same conclusions as the above. i'm not the authority speaking here, but i feel comfortable having this in the manual.