Breaks If it rolls at all it needs to stop



When I first got my kit I didn't have a bike so I got one off the junk pile at a friends lawn mower bike repair shop. It kinda evolved over the summer last and then was rebuilt totally this winter. One thing that it has that I think everyone should is that I run both a coaster break and a rear calliper break. You would be surprised to know how often I use both at the same time. And it does stop real good...I was going to install front calliper breaks but haven't drilled out the springer for them yet. I was thinking to use a double pull handel for both front and rear at the same time.... The faster I go the more stopping power I need and what with the 36 tooth sprocket it's getting to the point of concern...... Everyone asks how fast does it go.. No body has asked how fast does it stop..... Tom in WV



try1897 said:
Everyone asks how fast does it go.. No body has asked how fast does it stop.....
hahah that's a very good point. "How does it do at 30mph when someone pulls out in front of you"

what do you mean by coaster break? Is that where when you try and pedal backwards it applies brake?

and I like your pun on the breaks vs. brakes :D


I don't know how people ride without a front brake. Rear brakes only? Yikes! Do you just skid/wheel hop into every turn? How often do you have to rotate tires?

I backed into this sport from motorcycling and am proof that old habits die hard. I'm finally broken of the habit of grabbing the left lever to clutch and shift. Now I yell at myself, "That's not the clutch lever you $##@@%%!!"

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