bro`s cranbrook and my new build

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    well i thought this morning i would share some of my work. the first two pics are my brothers cranbrook. the front and rear fenders have been removed, after his accident we decided we don`t need no stinking fenders!!! the front L-bracket somehow snapped, the fender then caught the wheel getting lodged on the bottom. he says he skied a little then fell to one side,no worries the bike is fine!!he has a little road rash and has since mostly healed.

    The green bike is my latest build, i got her on craig`s list mostly stripped for 25 bones.not too bad for my first paint job imo, there are spots where the paints a little for what brand it is i don`t really know,my guess is it`s a J C Higgens since my bro has a girls bike that has a light mounting thingy on the neck like mine.

    i was happy to see the mail man brought my forks,then saddened when i seen the forks need some thingy to hold the bearings on the bottom.where do i find that???any help will be nice june 30 080.jpg

    june 30 073.jpg

    june 30 198.jpg

    june 30 207.jpg

    june 30 208.jpg
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    I assume you dont have a new bearing set for the springer forks?
    You can try to gingerly tap the bearing cup off your original forks with a small chisel/hammer but be careful as it can easily snap if forced too hard. I have taken it off easily. Then you will need to press fit it on the new fork (I used a piece of pipe and rubber mallet. Then you can use the rest of the bearing pieces off the original fork.
    It looks likes you have the same frame and springers as myself, what you will find is that the springers are too long for the frame you have, you will need to get spacers or have one turned about 1 1/4" long. Others have modded the springer forks but its to much work.
    When mounting the top spring bracket make sure to have the bolt mounting bracket with the threaded "tap" pointing up as that gives a more correct top spring action.
    Hope that helps and makes sense.

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    being ex-amish i`m somewhat of a simple man,are you saying just steal the part from some other forks . thats my plan i guess ,i have a way of making things work if its the right way or not.

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    ... and I think your green bike is a Murray Monterey, looks very similar, b careful i dont trust the head tube brazing, mine broke in half there.

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    Murray Skybolt
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    so i got off my butt and did a little searching of my own,i guess you could say we are both right!!i will now present my case like some fancy lawyer.
    1. the crank ,i guess it`s original
    2. the light mounting thing on the neck, my brother just got an old ladies j c Higgins .took off his tank light fits very nicely on mine
    3. dual ball buster bar from neck to seat post

    and looks alone i would say it`s a 60`s J C Higgins flightliner sold sears,made in the good old USA by Murray . sorta makes me feel good it`s hard to find stuff made here now days