brownish red gas color in the fuel filter

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  1. I ended up getting a gas tank not unlike the 1 many of you run on your motorbikes. it is in pretty good condition that was very small minor rust spots in the tank but nothing that worried me. I clean that out as best as possible. I also purchased a clear fuel filter . with my gas in oil mixed my fuel is blue. however I noticed that when it hits my fuel filter there's not really any blue tinge anymore it's more of a clear color. after I'm done riding my bike and I set the bike overnight or a couple days go by I noticed a fuel filter has changed from a clear to a reddish brown color. after I prime my carb eyeprime out that color until my fuel filter becomes clear again my engine functions properly and normally. . I'm just curious if the tank has extra rust that I'm not seen and that is settling in the gas and becoming visible in my fuel filter.... has this happened to any of you guys

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    common problem- rust in the gas.
    look at the inside bottom of your float bowl to see more.
  3. my carby doesnt have a float bowl. it has a diaphram it is a different style carb. so will that gas always look like that (red) if its sits? or will over time and enought tanks of gas flush the system clean? or do I just gotta live with it. as long as I bleed the fuel line and purge that gas until its clear again the engine runs just fine. but if I try to run it red it def doesntlike it
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    It not liking it is a sure sign its not right. See if you can't find a way to eliminate the rust in the tank. (coating or cleaner)
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    the best thing to do right away is to drain the tank and to coat it don't want that junk getting into the carb