Carb Problem! please help

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Ashley1234, Jun 24, 2008.

  1. Ashley1234

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    where the throttle comes into the carb, it seems like it keeps getting stuck, not on the outer cable, but inside the carb where the pin is. i dont know what to do, does anyone have any suggestions??? any help would be appreciated!

  2. What do you mean by it gets stuck?
  3. Ashley1234

    Ashley1234 New Member

    i took a better look at it and its fine if i don't go full throttle. if i go full throttle its like the pin pops out and wont go back in.
  4. Ghost0

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    Just a guess but it sounds like you have incorrectly assembled the slide. First off make sure the slide barrel is right side up. There is a little chamfered section that should point toward the bottom of the carb. Second make sure that the needle and e-clip go through the slide first, then the larger C-washer, then install cable and spring. Make sure the the groove cut in the slide for the cable aligns with the little pin in the carb body. Hope this helps.
  5. Ashley1234

    Ashley1234 New Member

    i have all that set to the tee but it continues to do the same thing. im guessing just cheap chinese workmanship on the bike. thanks for your help tho.
  6. With the carb apart, does the slide move freely? Can you just move the slide inside the body by hand?
  7. Ashley1234

    Ashley1234 New Member

    We changed the throttle on it and that did the trick. the old throttle pulled it too far and didn't know when to stop. thanks for the help tho
  8. Sockmonkey

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    Carb Trouble

    My engine ran OK from the start, but after a stint at the bike shop for a check up (of the non-motor parts) it wouldn't run worth beans. Somehow the float/valve has stopped working so the engine floods.

    I ordered a new carb which arrived a couple of days ago. Installed it and proceeded to try to kill myself! On this one the needle valve sticks in wide-open and the only way to shut it down is to full choke it.

    So now I have two carbs that don't work and will try to make one good one out of them.:-x
  9. spad4me

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    The round part of the carb where the slide goes may be bent. or the top of the carb is slightly too tight. Mine got dirty and started sticking.
    Then I tightened the top too tight.

    On this one the needle valve sticks in wide-open and the only way to shut it down is to full choke it.
  10. Sockmonkey

    Sockmonkey Guest

    Thanks for the info, will check it out tonight.