Cargo bike with DAX Titan, geared jackshaft

Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by nwguy, Aug 9, 2008.

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  1. nwguy

    nwguy Guest

    My latest ride, see below. Used it today to get 2 propane tanks filled and a 25 lb. bag of chicken food. It uses a Dax 49cc Titan engine with a jackshaft. Can pedal, motor or both. Pretty darn fast when not loaded, and very capable of carrying a heavy load. They guys at the feed store liked it. I'll be bringing it and my motorized Raleigh 20 to the gathering in Longview on Labor Day weekend.

    Just finished a full writeup on this with more/better pictures. See:
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  2. Happy Valley

    Happy Valley Active Member

    Nice! That is some pretty nifty jack-shaft engineering you got there (and on the Raleigh too). I'd say you are about a light year or so ahead of me in the handy dept.:lol:

    Gotta say though, the cargo bike just looks like it's begging to be a trike.:cool:
  3. Accender

    Accender Member

    Very nice!
    I like the frame mounted chain tensioner.
    Did you weld that whole set up yourself?

  4. Accender

    Accender Member

    WOW, after looking at your website I realize you build lots of stuff.
    I liked the "Tall Bike" the trandum and the forward backward recumbant!
    I wish I had more welding skills.

    Very Cool!!!

  5. wavygravy

    wavygravy Guest

    great job nwguy! tell me about this logview gathering labor day. we got one goin in longbeach aug.- 30 31! check out lets ride & be there!
  6. nwguy

    nwguy Guest

    Whoops, I meant Long Beach, not Longview. So yes, I'll be at Long Beach.

    I did all the work on this, including the brazing (not welding). I find brazing to be really forgiving vs. welding. You can be pretty sloppy with it and still get strong joints.
  7. nwguy

    nwguy Guest

    Hey moderator, or whoever edited my img tags. What's wrong with image tags? The images are on my server and don't affect traffic or load on yours.
  8. TWalker

    TWalker Guest

    Is that a Staton gear box on the Raleigh?
  9. nwguy

    nwguy Guest

    Yes, it's the Staton-inc gearbox.
  10. WOW! Looks SHWEET!!

    One thing though. Is your gearbox getting it's lubrication with it being upside down?

    If you flip it around,the oil would get at the gears I would think and it may still fly with a shorter chain.

    But then again the way it is may be okay.

    I just LOVE your engineering and your way of keeping the drive line to the left!

    (I moved your thread to picture gallery btw)
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  11. nwguy

    nwguy Guest

    I can't imagine it's not getting oil. The filler cap is on top, and I filled it all the way up. Also used this special, extra viscous magic oil. If it was flipped, how would you fill it with the filler hole on the bottom (besides flipping the bike upside down)?
  12. I see that now. I had to run upstairs and look at my ride. It seems on mine that plug is on the side and the smaller plug is across from that.
    I imagine that doesn't matter because yes,the gears are getting the oil bath.

    (The image tag deletion is because we have people here on dial up that may take them a while to see loaded pics.)
  13. Very nice build....I can see it took a lot of thought and time to make...Good Job!....I like the simplicity of the gas tank!

  14. pmarkwell

    pmarkwell Member

    Yes...very nice! I took wood shop in school instead of metal and now wish I took both. This has to be the cleanest build I've ever seen! Great ingenuity and talent, for sure. I have to agree with the trike idea. Did you think of that as well when you were building this project?

    I've also have a large interest in growing chickens but my present circumstances don't allow it. Instead, I just buy from a local grower here in S. Oregon.

    Great build, I'm definitely inspired by this. The white cedar rack is beautiful!!!

  15. Chain theory

    Chain theory Member

    The truck of Bikes

    Wow, That is an absolutely elegant design. I like the canoe-trimaran sailboat too. Great job nwguy.
  16. nwguy

    nwguy Guest

    I'm not a trike fan. I feel they're too wide to ride on public roads. With a wide bike you can hang almost half of it over the shoulder if you ride at the edge. With a trike you're out in the lane of traffic unless you have a wide shoulder.
  17. pmarkwell

    pmarkwell Member

    Hey Jim, I might be missing something here, but doesn't your cargo rack stick out as far as a trike would. I would think you could find a narrow trike that would fill the same needs.

    How is balancing on that two wheeler? I suppose I would rather have a bike than a trike as long as load and balancing weren't an issue, mainly for mobility's sake.

  18. ibdennyak

    ibdennyak Guest

    Have to agree. Bike lanes are too narrow for a trike here in many cases. Like your stand. I went with a single trailer setup, and it can be tippy on a side stand. It is more stable if I jack knife it, but then it takes up too much room. Looks like cargo capacity is similar....I have carried ~ 100#. Definitely know it is there, but it is controllable. Working on a full suspension setup with a similar design, but it will be a while. Hope mine turns out as well as yours. Great job.

  19. nwguy

    nwguy Guest

    Yes it's as wide as a trike, but like I said earlier, you can hang almost half of the width off the road when you ride as far to the right as you can, so the effective width when dodging cars is narrower. I don't find balancing to be a problem with a heavy load. Of course at speed balancing only gets easier. My 600+ lb. Honda ST1100 motorcycle is considerably more of a handful for balancing when at a stop.
  20. Bigwheel

    Bigwheel Member

    Another very well executed design NWGuy. You are right that a bike like this could be very useful in our society here in the near future, or today even! That design would very easy to build as an electric model also.