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Discussion in 'Electrical' started by Cookie, Oct 25, 2006.

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  1. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    Well I talked to one of my customers today (he owns a scooter shop) and we are bartering :) he is going to see if he can find me an older cdi thatthey use on the chopper scooters and a battery and charger for my light. If this CDI works better than the old one dose will let u guys know and will get the info off of it ....these cdi's seem to wear out after a little over 1000 miles .


  2. Tom

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    Aug 4, 2006
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    I don't evenknow what CDI stands for.... Coil... Distribution.. Ignition??
  3. Edward

    Edward Guest

    Its french for "little black box where the spark comes from"
  4. Capacitive discharge ignition (CDI).
  5. Edward

    Edward Guest

    Plug gap can have an effect on the life of the CDI. The larger the gap, the more internal heat generated and heat kills electronics.
  6. is it normal for these things to burn out after 80 to 100 miles?
  7. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    no but you may have gotton one of the weird ones and that is a pain in the butt.

  8. (As you all know) I have had SO many problems with this engine, but I still love it. thatsdax only ships once a week, so I'm stuck waiting until the weekend to get my baby running again - :cry:
  9. istbenz

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    don't give up!

    you will most pleased when you get all of the bugs worked out and all you have to do is preflight it and go- that day will be here soon! :D
  10. thanks for the words of encouragement! I hate taking the bus and/or paying for a taxi so I'm bumming rides to/from work!
  11. istbenz

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    bumming....that's the best way to do it. i'm sure all of your friends think that you're a little nuts anyway.

    i find that if you do random things such as sticking your hand out the window while making airplane noises, that they'll give you all the rides you want just to see what you say or do next! :shock:
  12. eerie that you would know these intimate things about me...
  13. istbenz

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    HAHAHAHAHA :lol: you better watch out! :!:

    that was ME i was talking about. what can i say, great minds think alike! 8)