Centrifugal Centrifugal clutch?

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  1. Does anyone have, or know where I can get, a centrifugal clutch? I'm going to use one of those instead of a belt tightener on my newest build. I've been looking on Ebay and I can't find much. I'd like one that engages at about 500-700 RPM. Thanks!



    Hope this helps.
    I use a Horstman Greased lightning clutch. It's an old racing clutch used for go carts. The rpm is fully adjustable with spring and weight changes. The sprockets are changeable and range from 12t to 23t and uses a #219 chain. It is 4" tall and 2 7/8" wide. Open frame and two clutch disks inside.
    With proper maintenance I have never had any problem with it so I don't even know if the company is still around.
    I would look at go cart stuff...... you can get many sizes of rear sprockets too!!!
  3. I'm not using a chain, I'm looking for one that's a V-belt.
  4. More information is needed. Engine it will go on, size of shaft it will mount to(diameter and length), if the shaft has splines or keyway, size key it uses, etc. The clutch, if the engine maker uses one, may be easy to find, but you may have to supply a v-belt sheeve of the size you want to fit the clutch output shaft from a seperate source. The engine manufacturer is often the best supplier of parts, including centrifugal clutches. An industrial suppy house(McMaster-Carr for example) may be the best source for v-belt sheeves of various sizes.
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    I emailed Paul @ Max-torque directly & ended up getting a sweet totally custom v-belt clutch without bronze bushings (precision cartridge bearing upgrade) for not much more money than the ones you buy on eBay.
    Go to their website & email him before buying anything...