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  1. Hi, Gents, new to forum,just bought a -80cc-as they call it, slant black,limited,motor for my schwinn del mar,beach cruiser I figure it would save me some money on gas ,since my vehicle is a 75 Chev,350,670 holly 4 barrel carb,takes a gallon ,just to warm her up.and use the bike to Cruz around looking for some chicks,and go to auto parts store,when working on truck,sounds good to me.Well to the issue,the vendor that sold me the bike said the chain he sent me was the same size as the- 415-motor cycle chain, the chain he set me is a _ DH083_ also on the package it says -083-110L-what is the difference, can some one tell me if these are the same,he lied to me on the phone about some other parts , I will give post later,when i qualify,I know i'm not to give vendor name right now. I will be honest,wait till I have run the motor for awhile, -THANKS FOR THE HELP- Joseph.

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    Hello, Joseph, and welcome aboard.

    I'm afraid I can't tell you a thing about that "083" chain of yours. But there's another way you can go. It's cheap and you'll be done with it quick. Size #41 chain works for the drive on these engines. For about $20.00 (after adding in a couple of master links) you can have more than enough for the job. I get it at TSC (Tractor Supply Company).
    I've never looked into it, but I'll bet it could be had at Farm & Fleet stores or, likely, any farm implement dealership.

    Good luck and have fun.
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    Hey Blue,whats shakin, Thanks for info,will go to john deere,live in little town in AR. Used to live in ILL. Around shi town,could not handle it any more,to much crime,had to get out of there before I killed somebody. GOD BLESS AMERICA.