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    Here is the background: I have a so called "80cc" kit that many vendors are selling. My install is complete, however when I peddle the bike the motor drive chain makes a lot of noise (clutch lever pulled in). The noise is coming from the front drive sprocket area, it sounds like the chain is rubbing on the inside housing edge. It also seams that there is some drag when peddling, I have read that this is normal. SO my questions are: 1. Is the noise normal? 2. IS the drag normal? :confused:

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    hi silver; i would say no to both. when you pull clutch and set pin the clutch should be disengaged/no drag. i would pull cover on front sprocket and figure it out right away.
  3. HI,

    Before I installed my engine kit I could lift my bike off the ground and the nudge the rear wheel a bit and it would spin seemingly forever....After the install you'd be hard pressed to have it spin a revolution or so with a pretty good nudge....For me there is drag.

    A good way to see of the clutch is dragging is to have the engine run and pull in the clutch....if the wheel remains stationary you are OK....If not, time to adjust

    As far as chain noise.....I have that wear marks on my inside sprocket cover so that isn't the source of the noise....Just one of those things I guess ;-)

    Hope this was helpful.

  4. You are going to get drag when the clutch is pulled in, you are still turning the sprocket, shaft, and some gears, just not the the crank, rod, and piston. As for the noise I would look for marks inside the sprocket cover to see if the chain is rubbing, probably just the noise strait cut gears make...
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    Chain Noise Better

    I think all of you guys were right.. now that I have a few miles on it, everything has settled in, the noise is much less.

    Thanks for all the replies