Chain Tensioner Chain tensioner blues!

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    Well my Chain tensioner finally stripped to the point of no return; I always hated that thing anyways.

    So right now I have my Chain on a direct drive but the fame is a bit to short to get it as tight as I want it for a very smooth ride.

    I am locking into spring loader tensoners but I do not want to buy anything since the lot of them well looking good are much to expensive; so I want to build my own to mount on the the engine itself and not have to weld anything onto the frame since I lack those kinds of tools.

    Does anyone have any guides on this kind of thing?

    I've seen a few but they are very vague and lacking of detail; but from what I have come to expect a lot of info on these engines, parts or mods are all extremely vague.

    For now it works but if any one have any good info I would love to see it.

    Thanks for you time guys! :D

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    To be most effective, a chain tensioner should be at about 2/3 of the length of the brake stay. This puts the tensioner far enough away from the engine, and close enough to rear sprocket to be most efficent. Start with a new chain, set up tensioner so that roller is forward, toward engine, this way, as chain wears, roller can be moved back, maintaining correct tension. I favor a rigid mount tensioner over a spring loaded ' mouse trap ' any day.

    I don't know your skill / tools level, I suggest looking at * lots * of photos, their are some brilliant designs, along with some rube goldberg devices. One final point ... What kind of metal is the frame made of, not all metals are weld on friendly.
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    Did a quick album search, found this picture, hope it helps ...

    The finished product looks factory, and works perfectly follow the chain path to sprocket, not all rear stays are parallel with chain path. Sorry to respond to own post, but wanted to share info before I forgot to .