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    Everything I buy one of these China motor kits,the chain tensioner always seems to be the crappies of the build.I was riding roughly up to 5-6 miles and suddenly when I twist the throttle I notice the engine sounds like it's losing power ,for like every other I stop ,pull over to only find out ,the tensioner roller gave way .

    Are there any better chain tensioner.I'm really tired of these motors crapping out on me

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    the urethane roller is very cheap and very durable. I haven't had any issues in thousands of miles of riding
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    I use a 3/8" clevis through the standard mount. On the clevis, I place 2 3/8" nylon washers to use as a roller surface. All this is sandwiched inside 2 2" fender washers, and held in place by a cotter pin. After the chain cuts into the nylon washers, the tensioner reaches a state of equilibrium as the rollers of the chain simply slide over.
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