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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by zamanakhan, Nov 15, 2009.

  1. zamanakhan

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    my bike is running fine i have about 20km on it so far but the choke kinda baffles me, if i have the choke lever all the way down it starts fine and keeps running. If however i put the choke even half way up it doesnt exceed 14kmph, and if i put it all the way up it will just stall. Isnt the bike suppsosed to run with the choke all the way up?

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    With the choke lever down the choke is off, not choking anything. With the lever up the choke is on and covering up your intake making a rich mixture which is only used when starting the engine. So what you are explaining is exactly how it should work. I start mine with full choke, lever up, until it fires. As soon as it fires I go to half choke for a minute or two until it warms up then lever all the way down and off I go.
  3. zamanakhan

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    oh i thought it was supposed to be the other way around? btw how come the bike doesnt idle with the choke up then? shouldnt it be reving like a mofo if its all the way up. I dont have much experience with engines particularly 2strokes but this is one of the reasons i got a kit, to learn more. From what i do know (or thought i did) the choke on would mean that its easier to start the motor and it would rev really high with it open, but if i were to close it too soon it would turn off. My choke turns off if i flip it up but it stays on if its down or stays down. I guess what iam trying to ask is why does the bike turn off when its moved up? shouldnt it keep goin and perhaps rev higher?
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    It won't rev higher because you are not allowing enough air into the carb. Like I said it creates a rich, more fuel to air, condition which aids in starting a cold engine. Once it is warm and you turn the choke on it should kill the engine because you are depriving it of air. You need air and fuel at the correct ratio to make combustion happen.
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    ah.. so putting it higher puts more gas than air into the engine, while pushing it down puts in more air. So its easier to start a cold engine with more gas in it? and once its started u can start pushing more air into it, and if u pull it up it will add too much gas into the engine essentially "choking" the engine. Is this all correct?

    btw thnx for taking the time to explain this, one of the reasons i purchased an ht was to increase my knowledge not because i need it as a commute.
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    You got it.
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    choking (gasp) your motor

    I had a similar thing happen to me. I rode mike bike half way downtown with no power at all. I just replaced the spark plug wire and was wondering if that was the problem but at a stop light I saw that the choke lever was in the "up" position. So I flipped it down and presto I got all my power back and then some. I usually don't choke the motor at all, doesn't seem to need it here. Maybe when it starts to get colder I use it.

    Mike Frye "the bike guy"
  8. zamanakhan

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    yea it was starting pretty good with the choke off thats why i thought perhaps iam doing something wrong. Starts on the first try or 2nd and stays on
  9. Al.Fisherman

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    Don't need any choke here to start the engine, but my son puts the choke full on and fuel off when parked and chained. If they cut the lock, they better know how to turn on the fuel, and take choke off or they will wear their azz out trying to start it or toat it off.
  10. give me vtec

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    I use the choke to kill my engine... got rid of the switch all together.

    Up = off
    down = on
  11. f4lloutdiablo

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    well, i first started my bike with no choke. Ive never needed my choke and i dont think i will. ive had it in my basement which gets down to very cold temparatures in the winter and it starts instantly without choke. I am also only about 500 miles on the motor.