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    This is my first time building an engine powered bike, great wealth of resources found at this site. My build stems from a DUI and suspended license, I figure a bike would keep me out of trouble for a while, of course I'm lazy so an engine is a necessity. I was able to find a chopper style cruiser on craigslist for cheep, nothing special, no name but light and big, I wanted the 80cc kit but it seems CA laws on emissions extend to 2 strokes so the EPA 66cc from BoyGoFast is the way I went.

    I ordered the kit yesterday and so far I'm a little mad at boygofast for charging me $60 to ship the **** thing 7 miles. They would not let me pick it up. One strike for boygofast.

    I don't expect the kit to fit easily on my large frame, but I am a skilled mechanic and have faith I can fab some new brackets. I'll have to update as I build but plain to mount the engine and paint the bike, also plain to paint the engine to match. After I get the thing running I'm thinking springer forks with a disc front break, modify the exhaust (depending on fit and look of stock), throw on a set of turn signals, headlight, break light, and horn.

    I heard it's a good idea to open up the motor and clean and lube before running, is there any other upgrades or fixes I should do to this thing before I run it?

    Bike: Ugly factory paint, picture taken from seller website.

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    Cool that should be an interesting build! There are a few things you can do before you install the engine because a few months down the line you will have to replace things that could have been done in the first place.

    Take a read through this thread here:

    It covers everything that you should do first. The quality on these kits are very bad and you should try to replace all the bolts if you can with good quality ones. What I would suggest is buying a rod of M6 (6mm) thread and loads of M6 thread locking nuts, Then cutting the rod to make your own studs for the cylinder head, engine mounts, exhaust and intake studs.

    Looking forward to hearing more about your build! should be pretty cool. If you try searching for stingray in the search bar at the top you will see some other bikes similiar to yours that have been built.

    Good Luck!

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    good call on the bolt replacement. Unknowing to my work they will be providing me with 6mm all thread. I have a bottle of lock-tight and pocket full of Teflon nuts on stand by. I will have to give that post a read through, thanks foe the response.
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    Oh ya, I forgot to introduce myself, I live in So Cali and work in industrial maintenance on robotics, electronics, computers, and mechanical systems. I have been reading through some of your post and have some ideas to solve some problems. Just waiting for my motor to get here so I can start my build. I'll be sure to post a step by step or at least a build update as I go.
  5. Dui

    You better read a little deeper my friend. MB s need a moped DL to be legal on these CA streets. You be toast if suspended & get pulled over.
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    My understand is, under 20mph you just need to be 16 with proper safety gear, every cop will have his own take on this issue but the city I will be riding in I did CCTV work for the police so I'll be safe there. I'll just need to stay away from Irvine, every thing is illegal there. Regardless.. I got to get to work, public transpo sucks in Cali, got to do what I gots to do..

    Besides it might be fun to go to court on driving a bicycle with a suspended DL. FYI, they also changed the laws on DUI regarding bikes, no longer a DUI, just a drunk in public. Don't think that will apply to the motor bikes so no drinking and motoring... :)
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    The chopper build is on hold. I need to order the wheel spacer thing before I can build. I am going to take some time on this one and do it right. Some bondo and paint and a few other fun things I got in mind.

    I got the motor in the mail the other day and couldn't resist mounting it on something so I went to wall mart and got a cheep cruiser. After taking the bike apart and making it "motor" ready I had the thing up and running in a few hours. Some problems but I'll post them on the BoyGoFast review thread.