clutch cable idea

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9:40 AM
Aug 17, 2008
The Puget Sound
:DJust finished attaching up my clutch cable to a derailer shifter, instead of the standard brake handle style clutch lever that came with my kit. I love the new set up and loathed the other set up. The original plastic lever broke almost immediatly then I replaced it with a metal one but it was hard to pull. I fixed that so it was easeir, but it was still cumbersome. Also the adjustment on the stop for the cable were it fits into the clutch arm was really hard to get right, always to far or not far enough, the standard set up does not have a long enough pull distance. The derailer shifter is perfect and is strong enough to hold the force of the clutch arm pulling against it, I definitly thought it would slip when I first got the idea so far no problem. All together the clutch is easier to work and now I have far more control over the engage/disengage, altoghether making me a hapier cyclist, Just thought I would put this out there and see what people think, I will post more if I have any problems with it and please respond if you have had problems or sucess with a similiar set up. For me so far so good, but you know the saying "the best laid plans of mice and men" so after all the other problems I have had I am sort of waiting for the ax to fall.
thanks i had trouble with that clutch handle too it broke and i didn't have another at the time so being i already took off the derailer to fit the motor i used it for a clutch lever it seems to work fine after i tightened it up a bit plus it matches the other side gear shifter.
do the large filipino mod. clutch is like butter. soo soft!!!
did both my bikes and my buddys also. sweet mod