Clutch Cable Snapped...replacement ideas?


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May 18, 2008
My original clutch cable supplied by P.K. has snapped. So..I've got a few Q's:

1. Should I replace it one that's length is designed for these engines, or can somebody recommend an alternative cable set up?

2. Do I need a true clutch lever that comes with "most" kits? or can I use a modified MTB brake lever? I'm currently using an MTB brake lever that was bent slightly to acheive a full pull.

3. Prior to the cable snapping- my clutch lever got harder and harder to pull...I could barely pull it in and had to stop riding because I could not disengage the clutch. WHAT IS CAUSING THIS?

Walmart package of 5 assorted cables $5.00
I use a left front brake lever from bike shop
The kit components are junk, my cable was frayed from the begining making it very hard to pull
To make it easier to pull you can turn the clutch arm on the engine in so that it is inline with the clutch cable, Look at the pic and you can see how my arm is rotated in, I did this and extended the arm......

Here is a link to moving arm with pics


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