clutch grip

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just got my engine all mounted, everything is on and in place. the question i have is how hard are you suposed to have to grip the clutch handle? cause its a f-ing workout just to keep it depressed enough to disengage it
and another q, when the clutch is engaged it basically turns into a instant brake for the rear wheel, just wondering how i would be able to pedal with the clutch on to get the engine to turn over
mine was the same way but the more you use the clutch it will loosen up more and become easier to pull. if you go prity fast and then dump the clutch the wheel will not lockup, but if you go slow it will.
not to fast. like probly more than 5mph. when i was testing my kill swich i put in under my seat i had the bike running and then reached down with one hand to flip the switch and see if it works and i was probly going 5mph and then killed the motor and the back wheel locked up and i almost fliped over the handle bars. so if you go like 7mph it should start.

First...Remove the cable from the sheath and squirt oil down it until it runs out the other end. Second, do not use the long skinny spring that comes with the kit. Do these two things and your cable pull will be much much easier and slick as can be. Also..Typical riding speed to start is jogging speed. Enjoy the ride...
wd40 good? and thats a NO on the skinny spring? so how come its there? so help me if i paid for a small skinny spring im not gonna use....... of course i did come up with the egg timer carb cover, im sure ill find a use for it
No, use oil. WD will dry out and make things worse in no time. Motor oil, two stroke oil, Marvel Mystery oil, ect.
excelent, thanks apparently wd40 isnt good for everything......lieing bastards
It's terrible for the sliders on a mixer board, don't ask me how I know.... :censored:

Yes...WD40 inside the sheath works fine. WD40 eventually will evaporate leaving things dry. But..Inside the Sheath it will not evaporate for a long time and works good. GO 90 or 3in1 would be the better choice. Enjoy the ride.
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