Clutch is REALLY hard to pull



so my clutch is really hard to pull and once it is in...I can barely spin the drive sprocket (but thats with my hands). Is this unusual? Can I adjust this?

There is a small kink in the cable if that matters~~ Haven't run it yet! but thats coming- thanks fellas
yes, the small kink in the clutch cable is prolly the culprit. get a new brake cable to replace it....the cable has to be routed loosely. The cable can be adjusted. and adjusted again...after it stretches & the cable housing compresses.
and, if you're able to turn the drive sprocket by hand, i'd guess it'll roll very easliy...imo you're getting a fairly good "dis-engagement" for an intitial adjustment...
Try to straighten it as best as you can and lube it up with light grease or motor oil....forget about the WD-40.

Also, ditch the two springs that come with the kit, they aren't of much use.
...the larger "spring" is merely heat (and friction) insulation for the cable-housing where it runs alongside the cylinder, and should be used.

opinions vary on whether the small spring helps, i use it, others don't.
Thanks for that augi....I had no idea, being that I can read Chinese to English very well. :)

I may put it on just for the "shiny factor".
To really improve how the clutch cable works, you can remove it, or prior to installation remove the cable halfway from the housing then put a straw conneted to a can of white lithium grease in the open end and give it a blast. Push the cable back through and wipe off the excess, it'll work very smoothly thereafter.
make sure it pulls smoothly trust me.. I was 8 miles from home when I busted the ball off the clutch cable that connects to the handle... yeah unable to cluch was horrid... I had a spare cable that was nice though.
Aside from lubing the cable...both barrels at the ends of the cable need one drop of oil inorder to pivot w/o flexing the cable much or they will flex the cable until it breaks as stated above.