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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by nemesiszero, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. nemesiszero

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    Hey guys the screws on my clutch cover were lose so I tightened them up but now the clutch wont engage even with the clutch lever fully released. What do I need to adjust to fix this its a new engine by the way.

  2. FurryOnTheInside

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    When you discovered the loose bolts did you remove the cover and inspect the clutch?
    How well did the clutch function previously to the discovery of the loose bolts?
    What were you doing on the bike when the clutch cover bolts came loose?
    Has your clutch cable snapped?
    Could you remove the clutch cover now and take a few well lit photos of your clutch assembly and include them in your edited post?

    You're asking people to give their time and effort to taking stab in the dark guesses lol
    Blindfold mechanics! :jester:

    I don't even have a MAB yet, lol! but I know how to use forums. :rolleyes7: Include details and photographs. And do a search first. ;)

    I reckon the bolt holding the small RH cog is stripped out and sitting there loose, the lock washer from under it is destroyed, and the woodruff key broken. :goofy:
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  3. crassius

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    the clutch cover is the round one on the right, while the drive cover is triangular on the left

    if it was the clutch cover you opened, open it again and check the flower nut adjustment - you can watch the clutch move while the cover is off - also check that nothing is stuck under the pressure plate

    if it was the drive cover, then make sure the bucking bar and the 8mm ball bearing didn't fall out

    search the board for info & pics on these things & the adjustment proceedure
  4. HeadSmess

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    possible its the clutch lever thingy, thats been rotated around and the bucking bar is riding on the round section rather than the flat...

    you said it isnt ENGAGING. so its just free wheeling? ie, its dis-engaged permanently? that counts out a missing bar and ball. theyre still there if its disengaged.

    do you still get the spring action when you pop the lever or not?

    if yes...adjust the flower nut and or the clutch cable.

    if no... its the bucking bar sitting wrong on the actuator, which means the lever would have moved and that would be pretty easy to spot...
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    :icon_bs: what? :icon_bs: