CNS would help performance?

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by geebt48cc, Feb 7, 2011.

  1. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    Hey room, CNS or old NT speed carb on 2010 66cc Skyhawk for performance.
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  2. Hammond Egger

    Hammond Egger Member

    Well my GT5-2 performs at about 22 miles an hour with a new CNS "speed" carb on it and at about 30 miles and hour with an old NT carb on it.
  3. geebt48cc

    geebt48cc Member

    Yes, I finally gave up and took that CNS (paper weight) off. I put my "Speed" NT on the GT5. MUCH,MUCH, better. Uno, I can't tell you how mad it makes me feel that the CNS looks like it would be the best performance plus, but can hardly hold idle!!!~

    PS- and on top of it all, we paided more to begin with? GO FIGURE???????????????? SKYHAWK better put a stop to this, or they are going to lose the battle. Just read any post on CNS..........SCARY!~
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  4. Trix

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    Yeap.....I did the same :veryangry:
  5. Dave C

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    ....did I get the only good one? I took off the stock piece of :poop: and my fuel economy shot up and it would idle. Then again, I was rebuilding Holley 4 barrels when I was 15. :whistling: