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Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by tneticsi, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. tneticsi

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    Any advice on cold starting a 50cc happy time engine. its getting hard to start it in the mornings. it took me 30 mins to get it started going down hill then pedalling uphill to repeat myself till the engine starts. I get exhausted and tired out at times. it wasn't like this at first. is this normal or am i not doing something.

  2. etacovda

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    Replace spark plug with a decent one, same with HT lead.
    Check spark plug (if its brown, correct mixture)
    check magneto to magnet gap, should be very small (ie business card should fit in between, but only just)
    check electrical connections
  3. fetor56

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    Remember the simple things also(eg,choke) & if u feel inclined run your carby dry at the end if the day.
  4. tneticsi

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    how do i correct mixture and where is the choke...i know kinda newb at this.
  5. fetor56

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    Research words like:mixture/fuel/choke/needle adjustment/carby,etc etc in the Search feature.
    Read as much as possible in the older threats & you'll get a much better understanding of what it's all about.
  6. Shadeslay

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    The choke is the little lever close to the throttle cable. I can't even start mine with out using the choke first. If I don't turn it back after a few seconds the engine will die. But mine will start up first try with the choke on, but the low temps only gets into the 40's around here.
  7. isoxazole

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    Really, it's that hard to start in the cold?
    I have a PK-80 for about a month and it starts on the first kick. I must pull in the clutch and give it some gas but it starts. On the rare occassion that I must engage the choke, it will kick itself over and the choke slides down.
    I have a hill that leads away off the private driveway and it always starts on the way down. The engine is well broken in and will easily do 40Kph. I use a 25:1 ratio and either regular unleaded of octane 87 depending where I am when I need gas.
    I would agree with the previous post that you should check the spark plug and the clutch, even the magnetto could have problems.
    How old is your engine?