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    Hi there, anyone ever done this? I was thinking of making a copper gas tank for my board tracker...Just a 3 1/2 or 4" pipe about 17" long with a domed end cap on each side...Not sure about the petcock nozzle or fuel filler tube yet...Im not sure what the thread is on the petcock but shouldnt be too hard to figure out. The filler tube and gas cap is another challange...Im looking to polish and clear coat the tank before it starts to tarnish..Im not sure it will take a clearcoat though ? Any thoughts or ideas would be helpfull.


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    yep just like that but I want to mout it under the top fram bar...What did you use for the filler tube and gas cap?

    Thanks for the pic
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    Remember that steel solders very well as well, so you could cut up and use a HT tank for bits...
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    Hi well I used a Model T Ford radaitor cap, soldered onto part of a Bar Sink drain kit that I bought, Here is why, I needed something large enuf to use as a filler neck, and something else that would thread onto it, and so the drain was solid brass, and I put the flange in from the inside, and soldered another part inside the Ford cap.

    Origional frame was big enuf for that tank to go under-frame, but the bike itself did not motorize well, and when I changed bikes, I ended up on top.

    I used a brass fitting for the petcock bung.