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Ok so Moop sits right with my seat way low but it seems my legs be going way up when I'm pedaling. It would be awesome if I could shorten down my pedal cranks by about an inch maybe even more. It's a three piece with the European(?) axle meaning the skinny style one piece no way would work. I'm thinking the shorter throw would lessen my leg stretch and I could pedal more SMOOTHLY while still sitting down.
So I'm a junk bike kind of guy. Do those 24 inch mountain bikes come with shorter cranks? Do I need to go smaller on the bike size?
Does anyone know of a bike out there with a three piece crank that's short?
Do I need to look at kids bikes?
It would be really cool if I can get short cranks. I may even check out the thrift store with a ruler.
Please chime in if you know of an answer.
I'd look at BMX bikes. The cranks should be relatively short, and there's a good chance that the quality is good.
Yea but the sprockets won't work with the chain.And some of those cranks are pretty long.
There has to be an answer.
Yes, there are 24" bikes with 3-piece cranks. I can remember one daught having one in the last few years. So keep your eyes open and I'm sure you'll find one soon enough.
i had a 16 inch with a 3 piece at 1 point. wish i still did, cause i need a small one right now...
On three piece cranks, most seem to be in the 170mm to 175mm range. For 1 inch shorter than a 175mm, you would want about 150mm. If your cranks are longer than 170mm or 175mm, than an inch shorter would be easier to find.

Here is a site with several cranks available- I don't know if they are compatible, but I saw options down to 125mm (LDC Little Dude Mini Armset).

I understand your desire- to get the lines right on my bike, I lowered the seat and recently replaced the crank with one from a 16 inch kids bike, but mine is a one piece. Interestingly, the casting and finishing on the kid's crank is a good as the original.
So the crank DOES make a good difference,huh.
I remember back in the day the longer the crank the better. But with engine it's not always to be.
I bet with shorter cranks I can help my engine up hills better. When the hills get too steep I get tired of the over stretch of my legs when pedaling.
Ghost0,thanks for the link but my Diamondback's frame crank hole is too narrow for a one piece.

I just may go fishing for another mountain bike frame with a one piece.
One piece cranks are everywhere in every size,and sprockets are interchangeable.
Maybe I could get a frame too where I can actually adjust my rear wheel.
This frame on Moop has a fixed rear for a quick release rim.
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When I changed my crank, I installed a smaller sprocket too. It rides like a 3 speed or 10 speed in first gear, but I only use the pedals to start from a standing stop.