Tires Tire tubes keep popping.


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Oct 15, 2023
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Kind of new to all of this but I'm a mechanic tech 2
Purchased. A bicycle with a tire that is already true. Very true. Already had tire liner in it but seeing that people are having some issues here and there went ahead and added a second layer of liner using electrical tape wound in the exact same direction. The tire will be rolling to prevent it from unwinding or any other such thing.

Had my motorized bike about 3 weeks around 2 weeks with no problems. Got my first flat last week while at work. Had rode the bike to work emergency shelled out $45 to have two inner tubes delivered through Uber and then road home. No problem. Next day got on the back. Had a flat tire called out of work. Sat down to look at my vehicle and fix my issue. Cannot use my actual car because the motor is currently blowing up and I'm trying to put the money back in order to put a new motor in it.

Long story short of examined every single inch of the bicycle tire. There is no cuts. No nicks no sharp things of any kind anywhere on in the outside inside or near the rubber tire replaced it with a different tire. The inside of the rim is smooth and coated in three layers of protection. I've been over it thoroughly with a fine tooth comb of precision so much so as to ask my fiance to look the bicycle rim over.
Top speed is only about 31 mph and that's probably roughly going downhill.

But after week three started, I have been through seven different inner tubes. The hole that the inner tube stem sits in is not sharp and I've even tried wrapping the inner tube in some electrical tape as I push and force it through that hole to give it a little extra, something to protect it and every time I have a flat tire and it never seems to be the inner tube stem being cut, it just simply has a hole.
Genuinely truly no explanation and the inner tubes I've been buying are heavy duty thicker slime filled inner tubes to prevent flat tires.
Any advice or previous experiences would be greatly appreciated.
Those are the same tubes that I have used for years and never have a flat, so let me ask you four questions.

What have you been inflating your tires to in PSI???

How many miles to work and back again???

Are you making sure that the tubes are not "pinched" when installing???

Where are the holes located at on the blown tubes???
I had the same problem on one of my trikes and my solution was to wrap electrical tape on top of the tube protector and only fill to 50 maybe 55 lbs instead of 60. No flats yet knock on wood. Tire and tube both say 60 to 65lbs
If you're using double walled rims there can be little shards of metal floating around inside of the hollow part of the rim where the holes were drilled out. If you keep getting flats, investigate this. Even on single walked rims little shards of metal can be sticking out from under the spoke nipples.
Well it's a Walmart beach cruiser bike and I'm probably going to get a lot of raised eyebrows for using such a bike but it's what I had available so I think it's a pretty standard rim one ply and it's a pretty cheap beach tire. The holes that I keep getting are always near the stem but never on the stem. They range anywhere from 3 in from the stem two and a half inch from the stem and I've not been able to pinpoint if they were always on one side or the other. But with all the duct tape and electrical tape that I have laid out inside of it, I can't imagine they're being anything poking it. I guess I'm expecting to hear bad news that at high speeds that the tires or tubes just can't hold up? I don't think anything is poking but I have been inflating to a solid 55 PSI. I don't think that that is the accurate PSI, but with the bike going as fast as it is, I really want a solid tire.
Also, I really appreciate the quick responses. I've been trying to Google this and read it this for a couple of days now and anytime I do find a discussion board. No one really replies. Thank you all so much!
Obviously there's a problem,
Remove all the tape you've put on your rim, Inspect the rim for sharp edges or spokes sticking up past the nipple, especially in the area that's giving you flats, Get a new rim liner
Don't use black tape it can dry out and cut the inner tube
inflating to a solid 55 PSI.......with the bike going as fast as it is, I really want a solid tire.
NO, you don't want a "solid tire"...Thats what is making your tire tubes blowout on you at higher than normal speeds for bicycle tires and tubes...The speeds you are going with a motorised bike is 3 to 4 times the speeds that one would normally pedal at.

You are not allowing for road friction heating up the air in the tire and hence you will increase the hot tire PSI beyond what maximum inflation PSI the tire/tube is rated for, thus causing the tube to blowout on you.

As a for instance...My tire/tube maximum PSI is clearly stated on the tire itself for 40 to 60 PSI...Thats great if i'm just pedaling it at the usual 11 MPH that those pressure levels were rated for...Now knowing you are exceeding the limitations by going 3 to 4 times faster, you are now increasing the PSI from the cold inflation setting 40 to 60 PSI as marked on my tires to a point that is beyond what it is rated for.

Mine are cold inflated to 38 to 40 PSI and I never exceed that PSI...They will have just enough "give" for the tire and tube and will save you from these blowouts you keep getting day after day.

I learned this one the hard way just like you a few years ago...Simple laws of physics comes into play here.

Ps...This is the reason why I asked those particular four questions I asked of you earlier in this thread.
added a second layer of liner using electrical tape wound in the exact same direction.
Also, as Wrench previously mentioned, if you have ANY type of tape inside that rim, get rid of it as it does turn hard and punctures innertubes quite easily...Use rubber only as rim liners.
I wanted to thank everyone for taking the time to reply and expecially the long but explanative reply from Damien I will try this again with 5 psi less than the standard for the tire and I'll post my findings in a week I do apologize I work a 45 hr full week and then a 20 hour PT week and don't touch my phone much but I greatly appreciate this, and hope to return with good news