Tire sealant

Since my yard is all rocked in rather than a regular lawn, we did a controlled burn of the property to wipe them out, they were back the very next year...lol.

They are the "gift" that just keeps on giving...lol.
If you use Slime - you can pretty much leave the patch kit at home, because patch glue - even the good stuff from Germany - and tire sealants are NOT friends.
If the hole is big enough to be visible with the naked eye, that tube is toast unless you manage to wash out all the sealant before you patch it. Good luck trying that.....
Must be your technique, I never had a problem patching a tube that had Slime in it.

Yes Slime got me home many times, as you know the tube still should be patched
All's ya gotta do is wipe the Slime off the tube with water or spit and keep the spot Slime free while ya put the patch on
When I do the patch at home I wipe it off with solvent (carb cleaner, brake clean etc...)

Once I got a huge puncture from a stick, too big for a patch But I had an extra tube with me

Slime couldn't save the day with this puncture :ROFLMAO:

These are the only tubes I ever use since I discovered their existence 7 or 8 years ago...They are Slime filled and I used them in conjunction with kevlar reinforced Bell tires.

I have road hazards, goatheads, mesquite thorns, and tumbleweeds everywhere here in the high desert...I have not had a flat or even slow leak since I started using this combo...With regular tubes and tires, I was lucky if they lasted three days, hence my search for better...lol.



The tires are almost 10 dollars cheaper at Amazon rather than Walmart.
I have 26"x2.4 but I'll check that out thanks.
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A buynch of years ago, I had to walk my bike (non-motorized) through a short stretch of dirt between two apartment blocks - maybe 3 minutes - and when I looked down, my tires had changed color.
No more black visible, they were solid tan from gazillions of goatheads.
As I recall, the tires were pretty good - but not Kevlar - MTBs, and neither the Mr. Tuffy tire liner nor the Slime in the tubes had any chance against THAT kind of hellstorm carpet bombing assault.
When they were done dropping the incendiaries, they strafed school children and zoo animals.
It was a long walk home.
What is a goathead?
These are goatheads...My town of Alamogordo, NM is full of them including my rock filled yard here in the God forsaken desert...lol.
These things are tire assasins...lol...The reason that I run nothing but Kevlar tires and self sealing tubes.