It's about time I get this one fixed




So I gor the chain and picked up some screen door wheels.

I'm nit sure how the scrren door wheel will work because I don't have the shifter hooked up yet.

I might be looking for a new front wheel. The spokes are way out of tension and moat of them will not move. I might redo it with new spokes.

It rode nicely however it was in 3rd geawhole whole time because I haven't hooked the shift cable up. The front brake cable isn't saveable so I will have to cut the spare one I have down. Sunday I will likely finish what I can on this bike adn start riding it around.
The front brakes now work. I ended up cutting a cable down. I also almost finished getting my shifter hooked up. I don't quite have it finished, i need to make a cable holder since I decided to change the way the shift cable is ran from the original way. My way will be a more direct route and won't need the plastic wheel i just replace lol.