It's about time I get this one fixed

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Feb 4, 2022
Nyssa, Oregon
Warning ⚠️ long post, this first part you don't need to read if you don't want to.

A few years ago I foundan old 70s bike in a friend's yard almost completely buried. It sat underneath the weeds for who knows how long, and I just so happend to trip on the handle bars. Long story short it cane home with me. I cleaned it up, repainted it, and put new tires and tubes on it. The bike frame itself was in great shape, but the 3spd hub had gotten water inside. I finished putting it together to find out my hub was screwed. It got hung in my shop and I have wanted to work on it since. I recently went down to chat with the old guy that fixes and sells bikes in my neighborhood and he had a few 3spd wheels laying around. He gave me one that was in remarkable shape. Fast forward a month or 2 I am bored out of my mind and remember I have this bike that has been begging for my love. I went out and unburied the bike and wheel and got to work. The wheel spokes where all out of tension, but thankfully I was able to tension them without any fuss with a flathead screwdriver on the caps. The original rim li er was even salvageable. I am currently testing the inner tunbe I had in the old wheel for punctures and leaks and I figured I'd re route some cables with new ones while I'm waiting. Here comes my problems I need advice on.

I'm also getting tired of walking everywhere and miss my pedal bike, so this bike is a great option to finish and stat riding.

This cable wheel for the shift cable is deteriorated and crubles if you aren't careful. I might just run to the hardware store tomorrow and see if they have one, but I would like to know what I can use instead to save a few bucks.

I also want to get the rest of the parts that have some rust cleaned off and painted black, but it is way too cold for that, it will have to wait.

I will likely have more questions tomorrow. I will also post some pictures of this beautiful bike in the morning when I have all the dust cleaned off her lol.
The rear brake cable was saved with a bit of wd40, the front brake cable I am leaving to soake in a tub of wd40 over night. Hopefully I don't have to cut down a cable, but it may just end up that way. The sift cable also needed replacement as the old one was snapped in the middle. I think all I need to replace on this now is the front brake cable, the chain(i robbed it for another bike lol, it had a brand new chain) and that little plastic wheel. Woth any luck I will be riding her to school Monday.
Well I came up with a temporary solution. I coated the think in CA glue to give it structure and I will clear coat it to keep it from deteriorating more if I can't find a new one.