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    I couldn't find a band that would make the throttle stick when I wrap it between the throttle grip and plastic cover that houses the kill switch. So I took off the throttle grip and put a piece of friction tape around the handlebar, then slid the throttle grip over that. Now the throttle will stick when I want, but it would be safer if it would spring back to idle.

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    if you REALLY want cruise control (i am still wondering why anyone would want it on a mb) you need to look at motorcycle parts. there is a black plastic "cruise control" that goes on the throttle, between the grip and the throttle housing. you push a thumb lever down to lock the throttle, and flip the thumb lever up to unlock the throttle.
    something like this, but there are other types out there. just check e-bay and get one that's safer than that set up you have going on now.
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    That tape thing didn't work out so well, but I did figure out why I was having the problem. I had replaced my handlebar grips with foam grips, so the band would slip out of place.