CVT CVT mtn bike project

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  1. I'm finally tired enough of my scrubber drive on my MB,
    so I'm getting it CVT'd.

    My buddy just sold me a strange pocket bike CVT, with a metal cover,
    but it indeed is a CVT,
    and it has a 3rd bearing support (vari shaft) on the metal cover.
    It also has a larger gearbox reduction compared to the X2 CVT.
    4.5 to 1, compared to 3.75 to 1 on the X2 CVT.
    He got it from Fancy Scooter awhile back, but I don't think they have any more :(

    My plans are to do a rack mount system,
    with the sprocket mounted to a brake disc. I have a rear disc hub for the bike.
    I'm still torn of what chain to use. 219 would be ideal
    but I'd need to custom make the top sprocket setup.
    8mm would be able to give me a max of 11 tooth on top, and 72 on bottom,
    so with the larger reduction it might work ok.
    25H would give me easy gearing, but the chain might be a bit floppy.
    I'll be getting this CVT in the next week or so, and then will work up a mount.
    CVT 1
    CVT 2

    my bike as of now....

  2. Just got the 8mm chain and the 72 tooth sprocket.
    I decided that 8mm and the largest 72 tooth would be fine with this CVT's larger ratio.
    I'll start with the stock CVT's 18 tooth, and then go down to the 11 tooth if I can't get it to work right.

    Only waiting on the CVT to get here, and I'll be able to jump on this project.
    I just got a Honda GX31 so I might see how it runs with a 4 stroker on it.
  3. Did you do a left side drive with this? I'm working on a CVT setup as well but want to keep the original cassette set for peddling. Having trouble figuring out how to mount a big sprocket on the left side AND also drive the left side.