Riding MAB with no license?

Well, if you don't have a driver's license, (or variation thereof), can you ride a motor assisted bicycle? I am in GA if anyone cares about that.

Sorry about the messed up title.
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you will have to research the laws in your state
here in AZ they are classed as bikes with motors and can ride anywhere a bike can
no registration, plate, insurance, or license needed
generaly just follow rules of road and signal n stuff, cops will leave you alone
if you are the first they see on a motoredbike, you will be the one they judge all others by


I can't tell you anything about laws specific to Georgia but Federal law says:
If using a gasoline engine it can be rated no more than 2 horsepower and no more than 50 cc.
If using an electric motor it can be no more than 1 horsepower (750 watts.)
All engines and motors:
Do not exceed 20 miles per hour
No more than 3 wheels
Bicycle pedals must be working.
If you use a transmission it can only have one gear.
Federal law does not require a drivers license.

Here in North Carolina the Federal law is followed to the letter.
Some states require you to be no less than 16 years old.
Some states will allow you to go faster than 20 but few allow more than 30.
Some states allow you to exceed 20 IF you have a drivers license, lights, horn, etc.
Some motorized bikes must be registered as motorcycles in some states. For example: Whizzers are over 150cc and must be registered in most states. Most states do not require registration if your bike meets Federal laws.

Check with the Georgia DMV. If Georgia has no laws on the books (and many states don't) then the state is forced to abide by Federal laws. Most states that have laws are actually more lenient than Federal laws. States with laws that are stricter than Federal Law risk loosing their Federal Highway Funds which for most states is lots of millions of dollars each year.

How strictly the law is enforced is usually a local issue. While I'm the only guy in town with gasoline powered bicycles there are a lot of mopeds and scooters getting busted locally for exceeding the speed limit and having engines over 50cc. A couple of months ago a moped owner was fined $4,000.oo for replacing his 50cc engine with a 175cc and getting caught speeding. When the cop looked on the engine and saw 175cc on the side of the case it was all over. They also confiscated and crushed his toy.

And for those of you who live in states that are less strict, the pocket bike crowd and the hopped-up moped riders are really making a mess of things and many states are looking at adopting Federal laws. One state level represenative here in NC recently tried to ban all bicycles but Federal law stopped the state house from doing so.

Sorry I can't be of more help but if Georgia DMV can't tell you anything then they have to allow you the Federal Laws.