Dinah's running, still more customization to go...

Hello everyone,

I just finished my first build today. I used a Dyno Roadster that I picked up for only $75. All the chrome parts are rusted pretty badly, but as money permits new wheels, fork, as well as installing lights, horn, and a battery will be on the way. I also want to cut down the fenders that came with it to a more bobber style back fender and shorter front as well. I plan on getting a chopper fork with a disc brake in the near future. I rode around for the first time today. Aside from vibration at low speeds it's really smooth! I'm hoping that the engine will run even smoother after broken in. I'll try to get more higher quality pics and post later on.



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Scott - VERY nice! I love the look of your lowrider, and hopefully someday I'll own one, too.... :cool:
Hi Scott, Looks like a nice start. You might try just painting those rims and spokes. It'd look better than rust.

P.S. You ought to post something in the Introduce Yourself area.
nice build !!! :D
I like the way you used the tensioner on bike chain to clear engine
could we get a pic of front motor mount ?
I'm working with someone on a custom mount, I'll post pics after I have this new custom mount on. I'm looking forward to getting it all put together!