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  1. super dave

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    DK2010 updated

    Hey guys just finished my new DK2010 bike and went for a test ride but a short ride -6C here today. i must say i am very happy with the bike i really like the low stretched out look of the bike. this is my first 4 stoker build and with EZ drive system. i like the power and with this pipe it is quiet. we put front and rear disc brakes and you might notice the custom made filter adpter. speacial thanks go out DK at skunkworks, EZ Drive Systems, Cyclepath, Chaingang lowrides and my good old friend Ernie. i just want to say thanks to guys for all the help with the build turn out really well.
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  2. professor

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    Super Dave, you did a super job! Great lines, love the exhaust too.
  3. beast775

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    i like this bike long low and 4 stroke dont get much better.howz the p o p o in your area?
  4. Stan4d

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    Love it. Great work. Ditto on what the professor said. I hope I can develop the talent it took to build it.
  5. bbb

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    So what are you doing about the newly enforced no gas powered bicycles?
    I was all geared up and ready to get the Helmutt/EZM combo but put it on hold cuz of the local PD.
  6. super dave

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    thanks guys how that i have the bike i really can say how much i like it. i rode all last year with a gas bike and no trouble with local cops, we will have to wait and see what this year brings. i hope we can ride because i have more then one bike. it would be hard to sale if not legal anymore.
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  7. azbill

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    what a sweet ride !!!
    it is nice to see someone else with a Q-Matic :)
    I really like the ambassador pipe :)
  8. super dave

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    hey guys a little update on the motor and drive system in the bike. the motor is 49cc and the drive system is a Q-Matic all belt drive system. (no chains) if you need this set-up contact Helmutt at 602-405-0394 for more info. he is a great guy to deal with.