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Discussion in 'Dealer Reviews' started by coolshoeshine, Apr 21, 2009.

  1. coolshoeshine

    coolshoeshine Member the kits they sell are ****!!

  2. Porkchop

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    Be more specific. What problems did you have ?
  3. Pablo

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    I agree with Porkchop. What happened?

    In general - those type of sites sell all kinds of "stuff".
  4. coolshoeshine

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    their instruction booklet is only three pages....which this is the run down of the instructions...attach sprocket mount engine...mount gas tank...connect cables...connect carb....connect doesn't explain how the clutch cable or the accel cable goes! nor how to run ground and kill switch...i had pretty learn how the cables went through this website and youtube vids! the throttle lever broke when i was installing it.... and no where in did mention me drilling into the bars! really got me mad!! and its a lil bit of a hassle to get parts replaced with customer service! i've found out through web forums like this that they delete negative comments...i'm gonna try to confirm by posting one to see if they do!
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  5. bluegoatwoods

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    Yeah, the installation instructions that come with these kits are so simple-minded and info lacking that they're not worth the paper they're printed on. But that's the way it is with all vendors, not just yours. And I suppose those instructions are produced by the manufacturers, not the vendors.

    A few of these vendors have much better online instructions, but I've forgotten which. But it shouldn't be hard to find.

    But don't worry; these happy time kits are, deep down, so simple that you can learn, and commit to memory, everything that you need to know eventually. So relax and learn what you need to. You'll have a great time.

    I'll bet most newbies aren't riding the day after they receive their kit. But I think most are riding a day or two after that, and feel that they have the most important bugs worked out a day or two after that. Not so bad.
  6. Porkchop

    Porkchop Member instructions are no better. They look like simple copies from a low quality printer that was low on toner if you know what I mean. Most of the text and photos are so light and washed out you litteraly can't read them. I'm glad I'm mechanicaly inclined and that when I was a kid I tore things apart and put them back together to see how they worked. Good luck with your project !

    ..... PC .....
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  7. fetor56

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    Hold-off for a bit on posting negative feedback...their kit looks ok.
    Wait & see how your build goes & with help here any problems will be sorted.......99% of anything is common sense anyway.
  8. coolshoeshine

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    well my main problem is hassle their "customer service" is giving me! its send photos again and again its like how many times do i have to do that! oh well! its just whack how i'm hearing a lot of kits have **** instructions!
  9. coolshoeshine

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    plus i found the same kit on other websites for cheaper!!
  10. POPS

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    PK. are really quiet good but I don't need them due to this sight and others. I lurked for some time and read and read till I had enough knowledge to make educated decisions about what I was going to do...POPS

    I think the PK. instructions could walk a novice through a build.
  11. coolshoeshine

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    any sites you can pass on...because i want to use this one as a learning experience! i pretty much got it...i just can't start until my new free wheel rim and throttle lever come in! :( but hopefully this weekend i can get it done or have to wait till next week! Pedaling my bike to work sucks!
  12. fetor56

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    Cheap & nasty.

    Cheaper doesn't mean better,infact i would steer well clear of the cheapest possible kit cos they might look the same externally but internally their vastly different(eg,your kit has Japanese main bearings)
    These instructions may help & any additional info u just need to ask(or do a Search)
  13. coolshoeshine

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    yeah i got this page booked marked from an earlier post....i'm looking for websites to buy from...see i got a couple of friends who want to do this too but they want to see how mine turns out!
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  15. coolshoeshine

    coolshoeshine Member

    sweet thanks alot man! and ummm nice display pic lol! hopefully by monday or tuesday (god willing sooner then that) i will have it started and can start customizing it! :)
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    we can call this -- just one example for this company
    are they listed in the vendor area here ??

    if not maybe they should be ??

    at least you got one -- ride that MB thing

    you answer seems to be in post #19 below -------- this was added later
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  18. echotraveler

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    who needs instrucctions? lol
  19. Stink Bike

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    I sell these kits in Australia and yes the photo copied instructions the come with the kits are garbage.That's why we have a web site with instructions.

    I'm hope to one day be able to provide an installation DVD with every kit sold.

    I regards to the customer support subject please keep in mind these are D.I.Y. kits.That means Do It Yourself don't expect the seller to do it for you.If you buy a D.I.Y shed from the hardware store they will provide instructions but they won't send hours on the phone telling you how to do it.That's why we provide good instruction on the WWW.
    If you (like me) aren't too good with the tools pay the dealer to build your bike for you.

    Having said that I have built 3 bikes from 2 different manufacters and everyone of them has started first time.None of them have failed and all of them required on going service.
    Which I do myself.That's why they are called D.I.Y. kits.

  20. lordoflightaz

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    What made you buy from them in the first place? Just asking?

    As you can see here there are a lot of choices in engine kts, even though they all sort of look the same. I think you can get what appears to be the same thing anywhere from a low of $109 to something over $300.

    What really matters is that you found this site and before you know it you will be RIDIN' THAT THANG.

    I think the prettiest instructions I got of the 3 motors I have bought came from zone8, they looked professional. One came with a photocopy I could not read and one came with whatever came over from china, translated to english by an *****, but you were told up front that the manual could be found online.

    Online instructions from Livefast Motors and Spookytooth were pretty good, Spookytooth especially if you have a coaster brake.

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