Do Not Use Boygofast!


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1:54 PM
Jun 4, 2008
Do not deal with boygofast rico group,rick shi, He is a coward and in cahoots with revolution cycles aka bryan samones. His 4 cycle kit which he sent me had a weird rear sprocket.I asked him to resolve this situation. he did not answer and instead I got an email from bryan calling me a moron. I tried to use paypal claim but paypal doesn't even care if the seller send you a freakin brick
its just the delivery. if rick or bryan is reading this. I want to let these dishonest businessmen know that they cannot keep scamming customers forever. I am so hopping mad right now. I shouldn't have to respoke the wheel if the ebay copy and instruction manual said it was a friction mount.

here is a cut and paste

Hello Rick asked me to take your case...
You will need to lace the hub. this can be done at a bike shop for $30 I will trade you for a 44T speed sprocket with rubber mounts if you send me the hub and sprocket.

On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 1:05 AM, Revolution Cycles <> wrote:

I need these 4 stroke parts have the moron return it and i will sell. You see now my reason for having mean dog reputation. I have had only 3 charge backs in the last year and a only 3 or 4 non paying bidders... :) Every now and then you have to tell a monkey to go climb a tree in public so the idiots know you don't tolerate weakness. I will contact him. thanks =b

On Tue, Jun 3, 2008 at 4:47 PM, Rick Shi <> wrote:

contact him to the installation

You should've read some or all of our post and threads b4 dealing with them, Sorry but you asked for it. I know you are new but still , research before wheeling and dealing. Best of luck to you.
The Christian philosophy is to forgive and forget,but i'm not a Christian so i don't do either. :devilish:
wow bikeuser, sorry that it happened to you...I don't know how many more people are gone get scrubbed...not much you can do except move on and spread the word...good luck on all your endeavors...
The Christian philosophy is to forgive and forget,but i'm not a Christian so i don't do either. :devilish:

Actually, it's to be willing to freely forgive when forgiveness is requested, to reject bitterness, but not to forget.

Information about poor customer service and bad attitudes helps us all- ignoring such information is just plain dumb- not Christian.

I have been here for a while any any connection between these two vendors is news to me.

Thanks for the heads up, Bikeuser
How is this sprocket wierd? Sounds like he was at least trying to help.

Interesting, and unprofessional, how email between the two vendors somehow leaked to you though.

If you receive a product that is not suitable for its intended purpose, that violates an implied warranty of merchantibility. Take it up with your credit card company. You did layer a cc over paypal right?

Paypal will be ripped mad and might ban you if you do this, FWIW.
I'm not saying this in anybody's defense. I've read the horror stories, so I know he's not defendable... It's bad enough that he's saying those things in written record, but even worse that he's (seemingly intentionally) leaking that internal correspondence to you. I work for an internet retailer, and would never do something like this to one of my customers. Sure, I've dealt with people I've perceived as being difficult, but you just have to roll with it. Other people lash out.

That being said, I hope you didn't threaten a charge back before he even had a chance to respond. You didn't post your original letter to him, so I'm not assuming you did... I'm just saying that the out-of-the-gate charge back threat is one of the biggest pet peeves among internet merchants. If you did that, it could have been what set him off. This is just me speaking for myself, and not anybody else... but I'm never beyond finding a resolution to any problem a customer has with me, all they have to do is talk to me. When they begin that dialog with threats however, it makes finding that resolution harder.

then again, this guy is just obviously a jerk. my recommendation is to just swap sprockets with him, but make him ship his first with an authorized return label. Failing that, go with the above mentioned paypal/cc remedies.
My guess is that the "hub" that came with your kit is probably worth way more than a "speed sprocket". Why not show us some pictures of what your problem is and let us help you, help yourself?

My guess is the hub you received is the one with the threads for freewheels on both side, and it seems weird to you. Is the kit you bought a 2 stroke or a 4 stroke?

Not too sure I would deal with rev cycles under any circumstances! But, because he did offer to, "swap" items with you would make me stop dead in my tracks and really evaluate the situation and products first.

Pictures Please.