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    They say its a 2hr instal but thats not true because you dont provide everything and your motors are a piece of ****. I got one from them and I've had to replace ALL the bolts. I also had to take it all a part to fix the cutch because it was slipping. not only that I wasnt getting a spark so I had to rewire it and now I get a spark. It started one time and sounded like ****. I went to ride it the next day and now it wont start. I recheck everything and it still wont turn over. they dont have any instruction and the only ones you have are on your website and they suck. You say some parts come assembled but they really dont so I just have to figure it out? they also stand in front of what you are doing so it's hard to see what to do. I really think they should have some better instruction and something on troble shooting because the product come starting with problems. I really wish some people would have left some reviews on you so I would have known not to purchase from you. I've call and emailed and they dont answer some of the time which is bad customer service.