E3 spark plug

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by samuel, Jul 28, 2012.

  1. samuel

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    Tried an E3 spark plug in my 60cc engine from China. The plug is an E3.12. Worked great. Good mid range performance, no missing or 4 cycling and easier starting Gave me about 1.5mph extra on top end. I'm using older style carb without the enricher choke. I've tried Champion L86C, Z4JC (LD), and JIMIX Z4C. E3.12 worked the best so far. $5.99 each.

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    I recently purchase one of those from home depot seems to work pretty good.
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    on the E3 plug do they come in heat ranges. didnt know which one to buy I am going to buy one. i used one on my cali mini sprint car. med range was awsome top end left me speechless for power
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    I dont think it have that info on heat range on the package, but it do have info on which sparkplug it replaces.
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    I would like to have that info thanks timtooth
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    this might help, here the website E3Sparkplugs.com
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    E3 plug

    this plg is right on the money. lots of power and mid range is awsome. I had my doubts about this because of how short the plug is. I recommend this E3 pug to anyone thanks
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    on here tonight because of spark plugs

    i looked at the e3 .12 they call them the diamond fire. they look to have an 11 mm reach. not quite half inch. the heat range is around five or six. a little hot for my theories. and i thought it was to short for my head. without knowing exactly what depth your head is in relation to the firing chamber its all conjecture. i would have bought one but at 7.99/ 8.99, i figured get the ngk two pack for a dollar less.:(