Early Feb 2015 Lake Balboa EBike run.

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    I often make this run when I can. A few quick notes here to reiterate. The video wide-angle and height exaggerate the speed and narrowness of roads and the bike path. I was actually riding slower than it looks. When I looked left or right, for a moment, you can see this. The video looks much scarier than it was in real life. In the video I feel like a real daredevil, but in real life, it was a slower ride. Second note. I usually listen to my music while I ride. Youtube blocked the video even though it was barely audible against the wind noise and even though the tunes were background noise they blocked it. So I recompiled a slightly lesser quality version without sound. In the future when I record rides, I'll just leave the music off. Anyhow here is my ride. Notice I considered a lot of safety for the most part when others were involved. Again, it appears I am riding much faster than I actually was and I noted that in the film, except for one spot where I paced a car near the flats for only a moment.

    And what EBike did all this? My converted Ezip to Papamotors 1KW 48 Volt setup. Still going strong and a blast. I take this for a lot of shopping locally as well.

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