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    All 5 of the 66cc engines I've bought came off of Ebay. As far as BGF, I don't like their customer service...As far as my dealings they don't have any. The other 3 were bought from rose?? and powerking. Just about all these HT engines are basically the same. I have had a engine related problem out of any engine (bad coil, and blew head gasket due to studs not torqued properly from BGF/LEB). Other then this, I attribute (good service) this to the modifications I do to all HT's. Look at my signature for a link
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    i think i will buy the grubee skyhawk gt5 from kingsmotorbikes.com because its easy to get in touch with them and talk to them. I looked on boygofast reveiw and most of the reveiws werent that positive.
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    i think iam gonna get the grubee engine, it had good reveiws
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    I bought the grubee can't wait to build it
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    I bought 4 engine kits from boygofast plus a variety of misc. parts. I have not had a probloem with anything i've bought from him. all of the engines were good (and are still running strong after 3 1/2 years). when you pay a higher price for the same thing, the only thing you are getting that's different is some customer service and MAYBE some kind of warranty.
    I personally can't see paying almost double for the same engine.
    no matter who you buy from, you risk getting a lemon.
    these are cheap throw away engines no matter how you look at it.
    with the correct installation, tuning and maintanace, a cheap 2 stroke can be made to last.
    if you do poor installation, don't tune it and never maintain it...it will fail quickly.

    it doesn't matter who you buy from...it's a **** shoot no matter what.
    $142.00 vs $214.00 for the same engine? I'd take my chances and go for the $142.00 one.
    I'd be less mad if i got a $142.00 lemon vs. a $214.00 lemon.
    true, you'll be getting some customer service with that $214.00 price tag, but NOTHING says that they will replace your engine if it's a lemon.
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    36 bikes so far, used Grubees and Honda. The quality is about the same. This forum helps members fix whats wrong. :)
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    I have a grubee and a bgf, both have been good. One thing that the grubee has that my bgf didn't was better ports in the cylinder and the piston skirt clears the intake port, I have ported and trimmed the bgf to make it run as good as the grubee did stock. If a person does not have the tools that are needed or the know how he may be better off with the grubee, just my opinion.
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    I bought my engine kit from bikeberry search the net for best rated seller and bikeberry is far the best with an A rating from Better Business Bureau King and BFG have an F rating. Kits run around the same as a grubee with shipping. I seen that some after market parts will not fit the new grubees. Got my kit and was missing some parts they sent them when I notified them have had no problems with service or engine.
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    This was my experience with boygofast.
    I ordered my kit and boy was it shipped fast , I though I would be happy BUT it all went down hill from there.
    The motor was trash could not get it to start boygofast said to try this and that took a week of trying to get it to start, his next suggestion was for me to buy a pull start from him for $22.00 to see if that would make it easier to start like a dumb a$$ I did,
    It took another week to get ; Once I got the pull start I installed it and noted my peddle would not clear, stopping me from going out and testing the motor .
    What happened if I got out and the motor stopped how would I get it home, I emailed him he the said I needed a wider crank at a cost of $50.00 witch like a dumb a$$ I ordered from him taking another week so we are now in week 4 once I got the sprocket i installed the motor would not start, I emailed boygofast 6 different times over the next week with out receiving a response. I then opened a case with eBay , boygofast then tried to say your 14 day's were up you are stuck with it . I emailed him back and said I would understand that if it was not for th fact I ordered another $72.00 in parts to try and fix it , and it took longer then 14 days just to get he parts from them and if they would have told me I would of needed the wider crank at the same time that I ordered the pull start it would not of taken so long, he then emailed me back and said if you will cancel the case I will help you, when I asked him why did I have to cancel the case for you to help me, I got no response from them so I escalated the case eBay agreed with me and refunded 100% of my money.
    O by the way the crank was not wider it was shorter stay away from boygofast he sells trash and has little to know customer service.
    I got my $232.00 back it did cost me $22.00. to ship it back to him. But that's better then $232.00
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    Wow, he took advantage of your lack of knowledge.
    you should have known that standard cranks would not clear a pull starter. you can te that the pull starter is at least 3 inches wider than the cover it replaces just by looking at the picture.
    a pull starter will not fix anything. all it does is makes it easier to try and get the engine started.
    but those pull starters are junk anyway & they usually break after 20-30 pulls.

    if you bought an engine kit with hopes of bolting it to a bike & be riding in a few hours, you're sadly mistaken. to do a correct and reliable installation, it takes at least a day.
    and that's without making any parts to make everything fit.

    tinkering is a huge part of owning one of these engines. if you don't want to tinker, don't buy a China 2 stroke engine.
    ill bet you that the fix to get your engine running was a simple one.
    either a stuck float, stuck choke plate, bad fuel petcock bad spark plug, bad wiring, loose head nuts, or something simple like that. did you verify that there was fuel getting into the float bowl? Did you verify that you had spark at the spark plug? Did you check the head.nuts to make sure they were tight? Did you check to make sure that no bare wires were touching anything metal?
    all wiring connections should be soldered & covered with heat shrink. the kit supplied push together connectors are junk.

    There are a ton if things to do to one if these engines to get.them to run right and sometimes that includes taking the carb apart & making sure that everything is there & everything is clean
    these are not american or Japan built engines with struck quality control standards. they're thrown together by guys who make $1.00 an hour & they're made out of recycled pop cans & coat hangers.
    I bet your engine would have ran if you had the required knowledge needed to make it run.

    I'm not doubting your ability or mechanical knowledge because I have no idea what your background is. but based on your complaints, is say that you should have done more research and learned more about these engines before buying one.
    they're not for everyone.
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    Good thread. First bike i built for a friend used a boygofast kit, its was a ok kit, the motor and tank were both clean inside, and once we got the carb sealed ran great, then weak hardware failed on the crank.

    I will be buying a grubee gt5 kit shortly and will report back with results
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    I purchased a electric bike from gas bikes. Apparently the maker of grubee.Anyway I loved the way my little bike ran. It was small but powerful. The only problem was it came with two dry rott tires,which lead to one flat tube. Customer service rrefused to budge. Although it was supposed to be in new condition.I want to buy a motor kit now but wont deal with them. Nuff said.
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    motorpsycho you are right I should have know the standard crank would not clear a pull start but in my in my defiance I am a newbie and there was 1 or 2 inches between the peddle and the cover I just did not thank the pull start was that much bigger, that's is why I'm a newbie , a lesson well learned.
    You can not tell boygofast did not know that a regular crank would not clear the pull start .
    Also when I ordered the pull start in the Sellers/Buyers message box I even said to him if there is even a chance I will need any other parts please tell me now so I can order them and get them all ship at 1 time. He never responded just shipped the pull start.
    because I could not get it started peddling the bike, He also sold me the pull start by telling me it will makes it easier to get the engine started.
    I know and I understood I would have to adjust this and that and that it would be a few days before all was well and the bike was ready to ride.
    I just could not get the engine to start. This is what I did To try to get it to start.
    I checked all nut/screws to make sure all were tight,
    I checked the throttle the throttle cable the carb, chock, replaced the spark plug, checked the coil ,magna coil.
    I checked the wiring ; when I received the kit the wiring had no connectors just spliced wire so I supplied my own weatherproof/under water proof connector's and no the wires were not touching metal and or each other .
    The Gas/Oil i just purchased that day
    And yes I understand the engine comes from china and is very cheaply made. But it should at lest run.
    if boygofast would of just answered my email and tried to help me is all I asked he just would not answer my email or even try help me .
    I sure I could of got it to start if he just would of help me instead I got not reply to my email.
    After the 6th unanswered email in 7 days He made me open a case against him and even thin he did not try to help me he just did everything he could to get me to cancel the case , he told me I will send you another engine if you will cancel the case , when I asked him why do I have to cancel the case for you to help me I never received a reply so after another week of waiting I had no choice but to escalated the case and eBay agreed with me and refunded my money.
    I will now buy a 4 stroke kit from Bikeberry.com witch I can say I did not know about until I came here
    I did my homework this time and see that BB have an very good record with the BBB 1 of the best of all the dealer on the site.
    So a lot of good came of it after all I found y'all and found a good site to help a newbie like me.
    THANKS FOR ALL YOU HELP Samdallas214
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    Well, I have to agree with you, and I see your point.
    bgf has zero customer service skills!
    Being a newbie is not the main reason why you could not get the engine to run. obviously you got a lemon, and he should have done more to help you....send you a replacement engine.
    he ignored you far too long in my opinion, based on what you're saying.
    you have to learn about these engines somehow, and sadly, you learned what its like to get a lemon in your first try.
    I was not defending bgf in my other posts, I was just saying that I've bought engines from him with no problems. I never had to deal with him on a customer service issue, but I know that his customer service is pretty much non existent based on what a lot of other people have said.
    good luck with your 4 stroke. they are more reliable, and require less maintenance and tinkering.