Egor's Schwinn

Well I took the Schwinn out for a ride today. The carb makes a big difference, it just clicks along as happy as a Happy Time bike should. I need to get some more pictures of this bike. Have fun, Dave


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Thanks this is the best looking bike I have. I have polished the engine cases now and added the 18mm Kehin carb also. I am going to get a early stile luggage rack and paint it to match. This bike always gets the looks, and it is a dream to ride. I am going to look for a head light for the front fender, I would like to find one that looks like a Phantom light. Have fun, Dave

PS: All I have for brakes is the coaster it is not good enough for sure. I am installing the clamp brake on the front but I would like to have a drum for the front.
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Some pics of the polished engine and the new carb. The carb was off a Yamaha so there is no provision for an air filter, I have not figured out what I will do yet. The tank is from an XR75 Honda, just sitting on the Electra what so you think? Ignore the mess. Have fun Dave


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Jun 30, 2008
honda tanks

I like honda tanks. I scored a beat up one from a QA50 on eBay, bondo'd the heck out of it, and just finished painting it last night. It came out pretty good. I managed to ding it when the paint was still soft but it looks good with my bike.

First picture of it is how I got it, last is dry mounted on the bike.

Honda makes 'em tough!

I love the tank. It's unique and really makes the MB your own.


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It is actually a 29, been in there for about 25 years, it will be a traditional hot rod when done. It has a 27 Chev engine and a 37 Chrysler steering, a dropped forty axle. My Dad ran cars on the lakes back in the day. You know the sign of a real hot rod er is when you will take your car out in the rain, LOL. A small block with a puffer, that has to be fun. Have fun, Dave

Shoes - I have a QA50, and a green one at that.

Egor - I like the '32 in the background. If that's the "mess", I'd take it off your hands. Great looking bike!

Here's a pic of my '32