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    Hi everyone, I bought a jaguar bike, a trike convertion kit and I put it together now I'm ready to add all that other fun stuff,electric motor, controller, batteries, twist thottle and most important spell check, sorry I pulled a all nighter at work and the brain is a little fuzzy, anyway I want to put a 36 volt 750 watt motor on it, I've been lurking in the background and reading posts in both the trike section and the electric motor section for ideas, MBC is awsome, so it's time to jump in and get started, I'm in Michigan USA, hold your left hand up put your finger on the knuckle of your thumb and thats where I'm from, standard Michigan joke, I'll post pictures as I go along so comments and ideas are welcomed, thanks.

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    welcome aboard. It took me a little bit to figure out your "finger and thumb" analogy. But I guess it means that you're somewhere near Bay City?
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    Just a little bit southeast of baycity, Port Huron Mi.